A Detailed Guide on the Different Types of Rolling Papers

If you have ever visited a smoke shop and asked for rolling papers you may have been overwhelmed by the enormous selection of every type of rolling papers imaginable. Different paper sizes, different brands, different types of papers, even seasoned smokers can be forgiven for not being familiar with them all.

Lucky for you we have the ultimate guide to all the types of rolling papers so you can enhance your smoking experience.

Rolling Paper Size

Most smoke shops and tobacco stores will stock a broad range of rolling paper sizes. From singles to kings, footlongs, and spools, these rolling paper sizes all have specific uses.


Singles are the most common type of rolling paper you will come across and is your standard cigarette rolling paper. The typical size for a single is 36 x 69mm and usually come in packs of 50. Although they are the standard paper used to roll cigarettes, they are shorter than a regular cigarette which is typically 77-84mm. 

1 1/4s

The one and one quarter are singles with a little extra length and width, typically 44 x 77mm, and are similar in length to a regular cigarette. Consequently, they are more popular amongst cigarette smokers but many cannabis smokers often prefer these to regular singles. 

The extra width in the one and one quarter gives smokers the traditional cone shape. These can also hold a lot more substance and are used for sharing between 2 or 3 people.  

1 ½s

One and one-half papers are the same length as the 1 1/4s but are wider, usually 60 – 62mm. This lets you roll a thicker joint with a bit more punch. An added benefit is that because of the extra width some smokers find them easier to roll with


Doubles pack double the capacity of the single. Typically the double measures around 76 – 78mm in length and 63 – 88mm in width. The double is not a particularly popular paper size, most smokers found that they ended up with joints that had far more paper than was necessary. 


Kings roughly measure 53 x 109mm, although there is a little variation amongst brands, and are the largest pre-cut papers you’ll find at most retailers. Kings are ideal for rolling long joints with the iconic cone shape are used to cater for groups of 3 to 5 people.

Smokers can also purchase King Slims, which are a narrower (typically around 44mm) version of the King. King Slims can be harder to roll with but many smokers prefer them because you end up with less paper covering the joint.


Foot-Longs are exactly that, foot-long rolling papers. Foot-longs are more of a novelty item than a standard rolling paper and are very difficult to roll by just one person. Some brands sell foot-long rolling machines to assist. Youll need to invite a lot of friends over to share one of these. 

Spools and Rolls

Rolling paper spools come just like your kitchen foil or cling film except for rolling paper and of course much smaller, in a cardboard box with a torn edge. Most spools come in 44mm, the same as a one and one quarter and around 4 meters. Some smokers love spools because they can customize their joints.

Rolling Paper Type

There are thousands of different rolling paper types on the market today so it can be difficult finding the right paper for you. Here is what you need to consider.

First and foremost you have your slow-burning and free-burning papers. Slow-burning papers will shut off if you do not smoke them. They are thinner and intended for dry tobacco. Free-burning papers are more similar to cigarettes, where once lit the paper will continue to burn if you smoke it or not.

Free-burning papers are thicker and intended for wet or semi-wet tobaccos or mixtures. If you use them with dry substances the paper will burn faster than the contents and the joint burns instantly and most will be lost to the wind. 

Most papers are slow-burning, be sure to double-check so you are not wasting your joints or cigarettes. 

There are several materials used to make different rolling papers. You are not alone if you have asked what are rice rolling papers?

The most common are hemp, rice, and linen. Linen papers are the lightest, hemp papers are the most durable and most thick rolling papers and rice papers are the slowest burning and produce the least ash. Often producers will mix materials, with linen and rice being the most common, and for the most part, the fiber used isn’t too important.

Some smokers enjoy cellulose papers, which are transparent and are marketed as offering a more pure experience as the cellulose doesn’t interfere with the smoking flavor. 

Some smokers also use cigar wraps that resemble the outside leaf of a cigar. These can be bought in a variety of flavors and smokers can roll big blunts with them for sharing. 

Rolling Paper Brands

There are hundreds of different rolling paper producers and brands and each has its unique offering. The sizes discussed above often vary between brands, the brands use different materials and blends to make their papers so some are slower burning than others. Some brands add additives to make their papers burn a certain color. Some only use organic materials, others use synthetics. You can even create and order your custom rolling papers.

The Different Types of Rolling Papers For You

Finding the right types of rolling papers for you can take some time and experimentation. You might find one brand and size is perfect for your day to day needs, whilst another is best for when you are having friends around and you’ll be sharing.

Now you have our ultimate guide and can make the right choice for you. Your best bet is to try a few different brands and see which particular sizes and fibers you like the most. 

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