A Complete Guide to Finding Your Guardian Angel

Did you know life coaches are now essential for growth and success?

Many ask for coaching to receive guidance and support. A guardian angel is one of them. Throughout history, these spirit guides have been helping people with their endeavors. 

In a way, guardian angels are divine life coaches. While all people have one, few know about their guides.

Are you looking forward to knowing more about your guardian angel? Keep on reading and find out below:

Learn the Angels’ Names

Most people understand how angels carry out the will of God. However, only a few know about the types of angels and their names. Not only that, but they are also non-denominational or beings with no specific gender or religion.

Guardian angels, alongside archangels, are the most-known types worldwide. Unlike archangels, a guardian angel is unique to each person.

Names are a crucial component in anything spiritual. Knowing the name of your guardian angel is one of the first steps of finding them. 

Their names also carry significant titles, which help call for them in certain troubles. For example, Archangel Ramiel is the angel of hope and forgiveness. In moments of hopelessness, seeking Ramiel would be best.

One of the best methods to get their name is through meditation. You can start by looking for a quiet space and locking yourself. Doing this will help block out the energy from other people.

Sit in one corner and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and begin calming your mind. After that, ask your higher self the name of your guardian angel.

There are also cases where your guardian angels want you to name them. When this happens, choose a name that can make you feel protected whenever you think about it. Try saying it aloud and write them down.

Ask for a Sign

Your guardian angel often communicates by sending signs. It comes in many forms, and each relates to different messages to improve your life. Apart from that, they also work as a simple reminder of their loving presence.

You can also find out more about them by asking for a sign. Ask your guardian angel for one by writing the request in a journal. Reciting a formal prayer or meditating on it will also help.

After that, keep your eyes open for any sign from the angels. Angel signs can present themselves in different ways. For instance, they can be falling angel feathers and number sequences. 

One common way is through angel numbers.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

An angel number is any number with spiritual significance to you. In most cases, angel numbers are digits related to your name or birthday. Sometimes, it could be a number sequence you often see.

Frequent number appearances are the way your guardian angel communicates with you. Whenever you see it, recognize it as a positive and supportive sign.

Angel numbers have special meanings for each person. It may look random at the beginning. Once identified, understanding what they mean becomes easier.

There are also cases where you can get two kinds of angel numbers. It means you have more than one guardian angel.

Your angel number often means new beginnings. It can also be a way to confirm you’re taking on the right path. They act as a reminder to boost your confidence and stop your unnecessary worries.

Discovering Your Angel Number

There are many ways you can discover your angel number. One is through numerology. Often, angel numbers have connections with life path numbers. 

Your numerology life path number is the sum of your birthdate. Add the representing digits of your birth month, birthday, and year. When you end up with a two-digit number, add them together to get your angel number.

Another method you can use is by examining the numbers in your name. The digits follow the order of the alphabet, with A equal to 1 and Z as 26. Add all the numbers of the letters of your name, and you will know your angel number.

Intuition is also a good way of knowing your angel number. It can be frequent number patterns or your favored number.

Dedicate a Song to Your Guardian Angel

Another method you can do to know more about your guardian angel is through music. Unlike other art forms, music isn’t physical. Instead of touching them, they travel in the air and reach deep within your soul.

They also draw emotional reactions from you even without visual presentation. Because of that, guardian angels often use them to reach you.

Your guardian angel’s message can be in the lyrics. Sometimes, it can be how you associate with the song or the artist.

When you dedicate a song to your guardian angels, the melody becomes a calling card. Whenever they want to send you a message or a reminder, you will hear it. In choosing the song, make sure to find one that makes you feel safe and loved.

Write a Letter

Letters are some of the most intimate ways to communicate with your guardian angel. Apart from that, it’s also a method of reaching out and knowing more about them.

Keep in mind to start your letter by using their names. It helps strengthen your connection, allowing you to receive more concrete guidance.

After that, write about your concerns or thoughts bothering your heart. It can be any situation you don’t know how to handle or a decision you can’t make.

Find Your Guardian Angel Now

The search for knowing your guardian angel isn’t as difficult as many believe. There are ways that you can find out about your divine life coach.

It may take a while, but once you contact them, everything else is easy. Not to mention, understanding your angel signs is also essential.

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