8 Reasons Why There Is a Popcorn Lover in Every Circle of Friends

What’s your favorite snack? Could it be popcorn?

To say that popcorn is a popular refreshment is an understatement: Americans scarf down 15 million quarts of perfectly popped kernels each year.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that in every group of friends, there is at least one hardcore popcorn lover. In case you need a solid reason to get on the popcorn bandwagon, here are a whole host of reasons to munch on it in place of any other treat.

1. Popcorn is Healthy

If you ever catch yourself despairing over the lack of healthy snacks that also taste good, grab a bag of popcorn and rejoice. This beloved treat is made all the more enticing when you consider its calorie count.

Air-popped popcorn has only 30 calories per serving. If you pop the corn in hot oil, that only increases the amount by five extra calories per serving.

Of course, the more yummy toppings you indulge in, the less healthy your popcorn. For instance, add a smidgen of butter to your bag of kernels and the amount per serving jumps to 80 calories. Still, the snack in its basic form is so healthy that even people on a low-carb diet can treat themselves on occasion.

2. The Perfect Combo of Crunchy and Soft

The joy of eating has as much to do with texture as it does with taste. As such, popcorn is one of few snack foods that strikes the perfect balance between crunchy and soft.

Take the soft outer layer of a ready to eat kernel: It’s puffy and so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. Then, you get to the crunchy center of the kernel, and you revel in the fact that you have to sink your teeth in to chomp through it. The crunchy part of the popcorn also adds a nutty flavor to the snack, which combines with the topping on the outer layer and creates a robust, satisfying flavor profile.

3. Timeless Movie Theater Treat

Walk into any movie theater and you’re greeted with the unmistakable smell of popcorn wafting through the lobby. Popcorn and movies are like bread and butter or peanut butter and jelly: one is incomplete without the other.

How did popcorn become the quintessential cinema food, though? The answer is simple: It’s an economically sound and efficient option. Popcorn can be made cheaply and quickly, and it’s been making a clear profit for theaters around the United States since the 1940’s.

4. Savory Popcorn

The traditional way to consume popcorn is with a touch of salt and a generous slathering of butter. So of course, popcorn is the ultimate savory treat.

That said, you and your calorie-counting popcorn-lover friends can enjoy a slew of new savory popcorn flavors. For instance, taco-flavored popcorn is trending among teens, while garlic parmesan is a popcorn topping for the sophisticated palate.

In fact, you can make your own popcorn seasoning at home and dump it into a prepackaged bag of kernels or pour it over a freshly-popped bowl. Prepackaged popcorn is also available in savory and even spicy flavors, too. Think cheddar-flavored popcorn or even buffalo popcorn, the latter being sold in specialty grocery shops online.

5. Sweet Popcorn

Popcorn is so versatile that you can even enjoy it on the sweet side. Caramel adds an extra layer of crunchy sweetness when drizzled over popcorn and cooled. Also, freshly melted chocolate is a fine popcorn toppers. Chocolate-covered popcorn clusters (combined with nuts) are a trending prepackaged treat.

If you want to customize your popcorn with a dash of sweetness, make your own powdered mixture with a little sugar and cinnamon, and sprinkle it over your kernels. Alternately, you can totally transform your popcorn with one of these sweet recipes. You might never want basic popcorn again once you taste birthday cake battered popcorn or white chocolate butter cookie popcorn.

6. Popcorn Is Cheap

When compared to other snack foods, popcorn is a cheap indulgence. Of course, if you want to buy popcorn at the movie theater concession stand these days, your wallet might feel rather empty after the transaction. But buy prepackaged popcorn at your local grocery store or make your own at home, and you have a snack that survives the current sky-high inflation rates without issue.

Popcorn is relatively cheap to produce, so manufacturers don’t mind selling it to you at a fraction of the price you might pay for potato chips or other snacking specialties. They still make a high and stable profit from this snack, even when taking account any overhead and production costs.

7. Popcorn Can Be Made At Home In Minutes

Don’t worry if you can’t afford movie theater popcorn anymore. You can enjoy air-popped popcorn in the comfort of your own home with minimal effort. Just get a quality popcorn popper, follow the instructions, and enjoy some freshly popped kernels in minutes. You can even pop corn in your instant pot!

8. Every Popcorn Lover Has good Taste

While you can’t base a person’s penchant for good food on their favorite snack alone, it’s safe to say that popcorn lovers have a healthy palate. They enjoy a food that has mainstream appeal yet is also versatile. Your popcorn loving friend is fun, versatile, and likely plays well with others.

If you’re lucky, they might even be generous enough to share a bowl of their favorite treat with you.

A diehard fanatic’s love of popcorn speaks volumes about their preferences and personality.

Snack Time

Now that you know at least some of the reasons why popcorn is one of the nation’s favorite snacks, you can help the popcorn lover in your life celebrate with even more enthusiasm. Pop some corn in your favorite hot air popper machine, and savor a shared bowl of fresh kernels as you mull over all the reasons it’s wonderful.

While you’re bonding, remember to come back to our site every day to find more light-hearted, interesting, and inspiring content. From trending lifestyle pieces to must-read tricks and tidbits about all things modern, we’ve got you covered.

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