7 Ways to Share Your Christian Faith in Everyday Life

In the U.S., 65% of adults consider themselves Christians. If you fall into that category, you likely want to share that faith so others can have the life-changing experience you’ve had.

Even when you’re strong in your Christian faith, it can be scary to share with others. Or you might wonder how you can be most effective in sharing your faith.

You can’t force anyone to commit their lives to Christ if they’re not ready, but you can plant seeds by sharing your faith in simple ways every day. Seeing you live your Christian life can make others in your life curious. 

If you’re not sure how to share your Christian beliefs, keep reading to learn seven simple ideas you can implement right away.

1. Live the Word

It’s not enough to just believe. You need to live the Christian lifestyle every day. 

People who don’t consider themselves Christians sometimes use the excuse that Christians are hypocrites. They feel like Christians preach one thing but act another way. Living a godly life is often more powerful than simply telling people about your faith because they can see how you’re living your life.

Live a Christ-like life so everyone you meet can see a reflection of Christ in their lives. That means living with an open heart, patience, gentleness, and kindness. Ensure that you’re treating everyone kindly and with respect.

It’s also important to remember that you won’t always be a perfect example. Everyone fails at times. But that can be just as powerful in letting people know that Christians aren’t perfect yet they continue trying.

2. Talk About Your Faith

Having conversations is the easiest way to share your Christian faith, but you don’t want to do it in a forceful way that makes the other person pull away. Some people feel attacked or automatically shut down when you tell them they need to accept Christ into their lives.

An important part of talking about faith is listening. If you truly pay attention to what others are saying, including their fears, concerns, and current life situations, you can find a way to introduce Christianity in a way that makes sense in their lives.

Work your faith into conversations naturally based on the situation. Asking questions about faith can give you an idea of where the person is with Christianity. You’ll have an idea of how to direct the conversation.

If you’re still not sure how to start the conversation, you simply ask if you can pray for the person after they tell you of a difficult situation they’re facing.

It’s also important to read the other person while you’re sharing your faith. If your approach seems to make the person shut down, you might want to back up and figure out a different approach.

Sharing your personal experiences can be more powerful than simply sharing Christian beliefs. People might be able to relate to your struggles and how your Christian faith helped you with those things.

Whenever you talk about your faith, keep the conversation simple and relatable. If you use complex terms or throw too much information at the person, they might feel like Christianity isn’t something that will work for them.

3. Wear Christian Clothing

Clothes with Christian sayings and symbols offer an easy way to share your faith without saying a word. It can be an easier approach than starting a conversation if you’re nervous to bring up the topic of Christianity. You can visit this page for a selection of Christian clothing.

4. Do Kind Things

Having a servant’s heart is another easy way to share your Christian faith while doing good things for your community. You don’t have to go on mission trips to other countries or organize large charitable events. Simple acts of kindness everyday help spread Christian love and kindness.

5. Plan Christian Gatherings

Another way to share your Christian beliefs is by hosting gatherings. Hospitality is a Christian action that opens up the conversation about your faith.

This can be as simple as inviting someone over for coffee to have a quiet conversation about Christianity. If you feel comfortable with larger groups, you might start a weekly coffee group of people with similar interests.

Christian book clubs or Bible study groups can help you dig deeper into Christianity. Make sure everyone knows that your groups are open to anyone, even those who are new to Christianity or who aren’t sure how they feel about the Christian faith.

6. Pray

Prayer is something simple that you do throughout the day. You can pray for the people around you, especially those who might need God and the Christian faith. Prayer, reading the Bible, and going to church all help you grow in your faith, which can give you confidence in sharing with others.

You can also pray for guidance on how to spread your Christianity. Maybe you’re not sure how to start conversations or you don’t know what to do.

Pray for God to guide you in sharing your Christian beliefs, such as giving you the right words in different situations. Ask God to put someone in your life who is open to hearing your Christian message or to present you with opportunities where sharing your faith comes naturally. 

7. Start a Christian-Based Business or Blog

Creating a Christian-based business is a way to share your faith while earning income for your family. People will see your faith through your business.

Your faith-based business doesn’t have to be directly related to Christianity, such as a religious bookstore owner or Christian craft Etsy shop, although those ideas work well too. It could be as simple as keeping Christianity at the heart of your business. You might start a business as a yoga instructor, business advisor, or life coach with an emphasis on Christian ideals.

A similar option is to start a Christan blog. Having your own blog lets you share your Christian experience in your own way.

You can start by sharing your testimony on your blog. This helps people connect to you and understand your Christian background.

Your Christian blog can have a specific focus, such as a Christian craft blog or a Christian travel blog. Your posts can share relevant content and ideas that make Christianity approachable and relatable, even to people who are just exploring it.

Share Your Christian Faith Daily

Sharing your Christian faith doesn’t have to be difficult. Little things each day help you bring the word of God to those in your life.

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