7 Unique and Unusual Things to Do in Sydney (Australia)

Last year, around 16 million tourists traveled to Sydney, Australia to explore all of the magnificent things that this city has to offer. If you have a trip planned or are thinking of traveling to Sydney, then you may be wondering about all of the things there are to do. 

Of course, you could always stick to the usual landmarks and sightseeing places that Sydney has to offer, but why not take it a step further?

When looking for things to do in Sydney there are plenty of unique and unusual things that you wouldn’t know about unless you did your research. 

Keep reading for our guide to seven of the most unique and obscure things you can do while traveling through Sydney, Australia. 

1. Spend Your Afternoon at an Amusement Park

One of the top things to do in Sydney, Australia is spending the afternoon at Luna Park. This amusement park is filled with tons of rich history and you can totally feel that as you’re walking through its front gate. 

The photo opportunities are abundant as this park has been operating for many years. 

There are plenty of different rides that you and the entire family will enjoy for the whole afternoon. Plus, you can also get an amazing view of Sydney Harbor when you visit this amusement park. 

Entry into Luna Park is free but you will have to pay to ride the rides and play the games. 

2. Pretend You’re a Viking

Have you ever been to a bar hidden behind a secret door? At Mjolner, you can truly channel your inner Viking!

You can drink beer from an old hunting horn or even sip on cocktails containing bone broth, seawater, mead, and honey. The possibilities of becoming a Viking are endless at this hip underground bar. 

If you’re hungry they offer meat and cheese plates as well as bird, beast, fish, and vegetarian options. You definitely won’t leave hungry here!

3. Forgotten Songs Sound Sculpture

When thinking of the best things to do in Sydney, Australia, it has to be looking at the artwork all over the city. There are masterpieces everywhere but you just have to know where to look. 

The Forgotten Songs sound sculpture is located above the lane that runs between George and Pitts Street. 

This work of art is 50 birdcages hung between the two buildings. It is magnificent to see and hear the sound they play of the birds that have now vanished. 

It was originally meant to be a temporary art exhibit to honor the birds that once filled the streets of Sydney. It became so popular that people began to fund the project so they wouldn’t have to get rid of it.

The Forgotten Songs is definitely a work of art that you must see if you’re looking for what to do in Sydney, Australia. 

4. Have Some Fun for the Night

Traveling is all about having new experiences so why not try having some fun for the night? Heading to a brothel is something fun and unique that you can do while traveling through Sydney. 

One way to find a brothel is by googling ‘brothel close to me‘ which can pull up plenty of search results. Make sure to read the reviews and find one that will suit your needs for the night. 

All of your wildest dreams can come true for the night while traveling in Sydney. 

5. Hunt for Ghosts

If you’re looking for something very obscure when it comes to what to do in Sydney, then you should give ghost hunting a try.

APPI Ghost Hunts and Tours are a paranormal investigation group that run ghost tours, ghost hunts, and other paranormal events throughout Sydney. They’re very passionate about all things paranormal. 

If you and your travel partners have ever wondered what it would be like to be apart of a real ghost hunt, then this is the activity for you! You can participate in table tipping, glass moving, and even séances where ghost activity has been spotted. 

6. Visit a Secret Garden

When Wendy’s husband died she decided to invest her time and energy into her garden. For the past 25 years, she has worked to build a beautiful and magnificent garden over an abandoned trainyard.

She does not own this land but no one ever told her to stop which is why you can visit it today! 

Wendy’s Secret Garden is a stunning place to visit in Sydney, Australia. This plot of land is lush, green, and filled with tons of winding paths. It is an interesting spot to visit so you will definitely want to add it to your list. 

Finding the entrance to Wendy’s garden is a bit difficult. It is under the old train tracks and doesn’t have any clear indications that it is there. After all, it is a secret garden so get out and explore this magical place!

7. Take Some Photographs

Do you love vintage claw machines, arcade games, and most importantly photo booths? If so, then Purikura Photoland is the place in Sydney for you. 

Purikura is filled with these cute machines from Japan. It is located on the second floor of an old mall in Haymarket. 

You could spend hours playing the unusual arcade games that line the walls of Purikura. The claw machines have tons of cute prizes but you might find yourself wasting money trying to win them. 

For many, the highlight of this place are the photobooths. You can make fun edits and even add stickers to your photos after taking them. They even have stations where you can use scissors to cut your photos out once they’ve been printed. 

Unique Things to Do in Sydney

Adding Sydney, Australia to your bucket list will definitely be something that you won’t regret. Whether you want to see the classic landmarks and beautiful sights or you want to take it a step further and see all of the unique things to do in Sydney it is up to you. 

A trip to Sydney is something that is unforgettable and you will surely have the time of your life. 

Make sure to keep scrolling our blog for more free advice! 

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