7 Common Household Problems That Need Solving

Most Americans dream of owning their own property from a very young age.

And you can’t blame them!

After all, it’s a sensible investment that’s cheaper than renting, offers freedom over the space, and gives you somewhere to both lay roots and call home. It’s no wonder that almost 65% of the population have brought their childhood dream to fruition.

Owning a home isn’t all hunky-dory though. There are chores to do, bills to pay, and a host of common household problems that need solving too.

For many, those household maintenance tasks are the bane of their life! Want to know about the most prevalent issues that crop up around the house? Allow us to enlighten you.

Read on to discover 7 common household maintenance problems that need solving ASAP.

1. Upholstery Stains

Look hard enough and you’ll find one stain or another in every household under the sun! Curtains, carpets, sofas, and so on can all be ridden with them.

It’s the late-night glass of red wine you spill on the sofa. It’s the pasta sauce you drop on the floor. Or the food coloring that settles on the kitchen counter. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later you’re going to end up with a stain or two.

Thankfully, there’s a whole range of ways to get rid of them as well. From commercial stain removers to baking soda and white wine vinegar, ridding yourself of pesky stains can be easier than you think.

2. Blocked Gutters

When was the last time you cleaned out your gutters? If you’re like most people, then we’re guessing it was quite a while ago!

That’s exactly why blockages are so common around the country.

Remember, all manner of debris falls onto your roof and enters your gutters throughout the year. Fail to get rid of it and it’s only a matter of time before you suffer the consequences! The gutters get clogged, rainfall’s unable to run off the roof as intended, and a variety of damage can occur in the process.

Avoid that fate by cleaning your gutters every 6 months or so. Don’t fancy the DIY approach? Go ahead and hire the professionals instead.

3. Dripping Faucets

We’re all familiar with the steady drip of a leaking faucet.

It happens all the time in bathrooms and kitchens everywhere! Through faulty equipment, outdated fixtures, and general wear and tear, the washer that fits inside wears away. With the seal compromised, the water in the pipe can no longer be kept at bay.

Incessant dripping ensues, no matter how tightly you try to close it.

Let the problem continue and you can waste countless gallons of water every year! You’re literally throwing money down the drain. Our recommendation?

Get a plumber to replace the fitting and resolve the issue once and for all.

4. Clogged Drains

Drains are another plumbing-related problem that homeowners deal with on a regular basis.

Once again, the source of concern is usually in the kitchen or bathroom. You know the deal!

Things like food scraps go down the kitchen sink, hair goes down the shower hole, and before long it causes a blockage in the piping. All clogged up, the water can’t go down and, sometimes, even starts backing up into the room.

For the sake of hygiene and practicality, clearing the clogged drain ASAP is imperative.

With a bit of luck, a bit of elbow grease and a plunger should do the trick! However, in some cases, the clog will be more severe and need a professional to clear it.  

5. Mold & Mildew

Some houses have a nasty habit of accumulating mold and mildew too.

These forms of fungi occur specifically in dark, damp, and warm areas of the home. They’re usually dark brown, green, or black in nature, and cause a host of horrible problems.

For one thing, mold and mildew detract from your home’s aesthetic appeal!

More importantly, though, they release spores that cause an array of physical health issues. People with mold/mildew in the home can develop nasty coughs, asthma symptoms, and sore throats, to name but a few.

Even worse, you might not even know it’s there. Invisible mold could be causing havoc to your health without you realizing it.

6. Pet-Related Problems

Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, goldfish, or budgie, all pets help turn a house into a home.

However, they cause their fair share of household problems too! They tread dirt into newly-cleaned carpets, leave fur wherever they go, chew through cherished clothes and furnishings, and so on.

Our advice? Take steps to prevent these pet-related issues from occurring in the first place.

For example, give your pet pooch plenty of walks to get rid of their energy. Have their coat trimmed and groomed at regular intervals to avoid excess hair getting everywhere, and work hard to train them properly from the outset!  

7. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks aren’t the most common household problem on this list. But they’re definitely one of the most troubling.

With water coming in, everything from structural damage to toxic mold can occur in the aftermath. They can destroy your insulation, ruin your ceilings, and cause a whirlwind of stress all-around.

That’s why no homeowner wants to come home to a leaky roof! The repairs often demand professional support, can be super expensive, and there’s no choice but to get them done ASAP. Don’t, and the situation’s only going to get worse.

Remember These Common Household Problems That Need Solving

Owning a house is an almighty privilege with endless advantages. For example, you get a foothold on the property ladder, build equity, and have your very own space to call home.

There’s no denying it, though. Having a house has its issues as well!

Hopefully, the post has highlighted the most common household problems that need solving ASAP. Keep them in mind to ensure that your property remains problem-free long into the future.

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