5 Paraphrasers Better Than Quillbot

Writing is a very laborious process that requires creative and mental effort alongside physical strength. 

A writer can only manually write up to a certain number of words daily. But, a flurry of new trends in technology has made this process easier. 

You can produce more than a dozen blogs daily if you are a good reader who can quickly analyze the content and pick the best information. 

However, for this task, you have to take the help of different tools like a paraphrasing tool and a plagiarism checker. Instead of writing any topic from the beginning, you pick up related content to that subject from the internet and arrange it. Then, you paste it into an online paraphrase tool that gives you a brand-new article in the blink of an eye. 

Afterward, you can place the paraphrased material in an online plagiarism checker to clear the doubt. It will scan your given text to check for plagiarism in that. As a result, you get to know the degree of duplication in your content. If the plagiarism checker highlights some plagiarized sentences in your article, you can replace them with new ones via paraphrasing.

Quillbot is a site used chiefly for paraphrasing and plagiarism-checking services by web users. It allows its users to operate different functions on their text to make it supreme and enriched in meaning. 

Moreover, it does not charge even a single penny for using its free services unlimited times. But, it only allows paraphrasing 125 words in a single go and does not facilitate plagiarism-checking services in the free mode. 

That’s why you need to put a lot of manual effort into making your composed text better. Otherwise, you would be asked to buy a premium version to get benefits from this site.

But, if you can’t afford a premium subscription, you should look forward to other helpful utilities that provide better facilities in free mode than Quillbot. 

This blog post will brief you about the five best alternatives against this facility.

Top Five Alternatives of Quillbot

Following are some imperious and remarkable sites that facilitate users with supreme paraphrasing and plagiarism checking services. 

  1. Paraphraser by Searchenginereports.net
  • This site can help you process 2000 words articles with coherence and lucidness integrated into them. 
  • The output you get is more good and comprehensive. 
  • You can download your paraphrased text in a word or PDF file with the free service. 
  • The synonyms its database selects for replacing words with others are better contextualized, increasing engagement in your selected content.
  • It also facilitates you to check grammatical issues
  1. Paraphraser by Smallseotools.com
  • Using this paraphrasing tool, you can directly paste your text or add your file from your device, drive, or Dropbox, which makes file management effortless. 
  • The text provided by this tool after processing is error-free and unique. As a result, your integrity stays intact, freeing your mind from all kinds of fears. 
  • It helps you paraphrase upto 2000 words in a single go. 
  • You can check your paraphrased content for grammar issues.
  1. Paraphraser by Duplichecker.com
  • You can benefit from different services at this site on any device because it is compatible with all kinds of devices. 
  • You can paraphrase 2000 words in one go.
  • You don’t need see any ads while processing.
  • It is available in different langugaes
  1. Paraphraser by Plagiarismdetector.net 
  • You can promptly paraphrase between 50 and 2000 words with the help of this paraphraser.
  • The content you get after processing from this service is highly readable by humans. 
  • People need to determine whether the content is human-generated or produced by an AI facility. 
  • It offers different modes of paraphrasing.
  • It is also available in different languages.
  1. Paraphraser by Plagiarismchecker.co
  • You can rephrase and check plagiarism in paragraphs and sentences without the utmost efficiency. 
  • It allows two kinds of rephrasing, simple and deep, increasing the probability of getting content that lures more audience as it enables you to get content per your readers’ abilities. But, you are asked to buy its premium version to enjoy the deep paraphrasing service, which is a good exchange. 
  • You can paraphrase upto 800 words in its free version.


These are valuable platforms better than Quillbot in terms of free services and additional facilities in the pro version at lesser rates. We hope you will enjoy using the services on these sites.

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