5 Freshwater Aquarium Invertebrates You Can Keep as Pets

If you’re on the hunt for freshwater pets to fill your home with, then aquarium invertebrates should be your number one choice.

Unlike many other popular aquarium animals, freshwater invertebrates are affordable, easy to keep, friendly, and can make a stunning addition to your aquarium.

Invertebrates also live well in both smaller and larger tanks, meaning that virtually any home aquarium is suitable for them.

What’s more, there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to freshwater aquarium invertebrates. If you’re wondering which ones are best for you, read on to find out the top five aquarium invertebrates to keep as pets. 

1. Best Freshwater Aquarium Invertebrates: Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp are among the most popular invertebrates to keep as pets, and for good reason. They breed easily, are easy to acclimate, and they look beautiful.

Any tank that is around five gallons or more is enough to hold a colony of cherry shrimp, which means that expensive facilities are not necessary.

However, note that cherry shrimp are a popular source of food for many species of carnivorous fish. Therefore, think carefully before introducing other species. 

2. Dwarf Crayfish

While standard crayfish are popular aquarium pets, their smaller cousin, the dwarf crayfish, may be better suited for beginners.

Standard crayfish have a reputation for being incredibly aggressive, which can cause problems for any potential tankmates.

Dwarf crayfish, on the other hand, are mellow species that get along with virtually every other type of freshwater fish.

They are friendly with humans and tend not to avoid people when they are close to the tank.

Bear in mind that more space might be needed for a colony of dwarf crayfish, as they tend to breed quickly. 

3. Tridacnid Clam

If you’re looking for aquarium invertebrates that can give off some wow factor, them the tridacnid clam, or giant clam, is perfect for you.

These deep blue-colored clams are unlikely to be hassled by other species, making them a great addition to any aquarium.

According to the expert advice on keeping tridacnid clams, you will need to approach acclimatization carefully and slowly, as they are delicate creatures at first.

Once they have settled into their new home, however, you will find that they make a perfect addition to your aquarium. 

4. Red Claw Crab

Aquarium enthusiasts know well that crabs make a welcome and colorful addition to anyone’s home. The red claw crab is the most common choice for most, and it’s not hard to see why.

They require less maintenance than other crab species and tend to get on just fine with other aquarium buddies.

However, note that red claw crabs are not fully aquatic, meaning that you will need to provide some land for them to climb on.

Also, make sure to seal off your aquarium, as these quirky crabs are adept at making an escape. 

5. Freshwater Snail

Finally, freshwater snails are a brilliant choice of aquarium invertebrates. The Malaysian Trumpet Snail is probably the best choice for a beginner, as they basically take care of themselves.

They may not be as colorful as some of their counterparts, but they more than make up for it in other ways.

For one, these hungry fellas spend a lot of their day consuming algae and uneaten food, meaning they are popular for keeping tanks clean.

However, they can breed aggressively, so keep an eye out on their numbers. 

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Freshwater aquarium invertebrates make a great addition to the home. If you’re looking for more expert home advice, make sure to consult our regularly-updated Home & Garden Section. 

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