5 Benefits of Sobriety Everyone Should Know

Did you know that almost 26 percent of people aged 18 and over binge drank in 2018?

Alcohol use is a common thing in the United States, but what about sobriety? Not only is this lifestyle choice for you, but it can be beneficial for those around you as well. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about.

Read on to learn five of the biggest benefits of sobriety.

1. Mental Clarity

Better mental health is one of the most obvious perks of sobriety. The less you fill your body with toxins, the more clarity you’re going to notice throughout your day-to-day.

With nothing clouding your mind, you’re giving your brain the perfect chance to ground itself. You’re also giving yourself a fighting chance at shifting perspectives.

2. Better Sleep Pattern

Did you know that alcohol interrupts your body’s REM cycle? As a result, you’re more likely to wake up groggy.

When you’re sober, though, your body is able to fully form memories throughout the night, meaning you can count on REM to come back into your sleep schedule. 

3. More Energy

Alcohol is a depressant, meaning you’re going to feel tired and slow when you’re drinking large amounts of it. Without that constant weight on your body, you’re going to start experiencing higher energy levels as a whole.

If you need help getting started, Hope Rising rehab is here to help.

It’s also good to find supportive friends, family, or peers that can be there throughout your journey. If you don’t feel alone, you’re a lot less likely to turn back to the exact thing you’re trying to give up.

4. Better Eating Habits

If you’ve ever been drunk, then you’ve more than likely experienced the munchies associated with it. Whether it’s grabbing a bag of chips, heating up a pizza, or grabbing takeout the next morning, you’re likely to just want to eat whatever sounds good.

That typically goes away once the alcohol is out of your system, though. That means more time to try new recipes and less focus on the instant gratification you need when you’re drinking.

5. Healthy Skin

There are a few reasons this happens once you’re sober. You’re cutting out a lot of the hormones that come with processed foods when you stop eating them, but you’re also just allowing your skin to heal when you stop drinking.

Your skin tightens up and wrinkles iron out, acne fades, and you’ll likely even lose dark circles under your eyes.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Sobriety?

While we’ve covered five of the best benefits of sobriety, there are definitely more out there for you to experience. The thing to remember about sobriety is that everyone’s experience is different. While you’re likely to experience a lot of these benefits, there are other things out there that might be totally unique to your sobriety.

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