3 Days in London: The Perfect 72-Hour Itinerary for First-Timers

Did you know that each year, around 30 million tourists visit London? 

If you’re a big fan of London, you might be interested in booking a short, 3 day trip to the capital. However, if you know very little about the city, you may not know how you can get the most out of your 3 days in London.

Below we’ll cover some of the best things you can do during a short London trip. Whether you’re a fan of the Royal Family or the local architecture, these tips should help you have a fantastic trip.

Let’s begin!

1. The London Eye

The London eye is one of the best tourist attractions for people that are new to the city.

One of the reasons for this is that it gives you a good overview of the city, and you can really take in the local sights. Plus, the London Eye is the kind of thing you always see in a movie, and so it’s fun actually to go on it.

2. Buckingham Palace

Whether you like the Royal Family or not, Buckingham Palace is definitely something you should check out on your trip to London. After all, the building itself is an amazing piece of architecture.

Now, it’s worth noting that there isn’t really that much to do here, as you just look at the palace from behind the gates.

That said, the palace is pretty central in London, and so it’s not that hard to get to. Plus, the palace is also near St. Jame’s Park and Hyde Park, both of which can be great for anyone that wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the roads.

3. A Luxury Hotel

If you can afford it, you might also want to consider the option of spending a night in a luxury hotel. Such hotels include:

  • The Ritz
  • The Savoy
  • The Shangri-La

Visiting such hotels is a great experience as the buildings have amazing designs. You’ll find that such hotels also tend to house amazing restaurants, which are serviced by world-class chefs.

If you’re planning to stay at one of these hotels, you may want to invest in a hotel airport transfer service. If you do this, a car will pick you up at the airport and then take you to your chosen destination. This can often be incredibly helpful if you have a lot of luggage to carry.

Time to Spend 3 Days in London?

With the help of this post, you should be able to make the most out of your 3 days in London.

It’s important to remember that London is an incredibly diverse city, and it caters to a wide range of people. Thus, if you have a particular interest, you should see if there’s something in London that’ll meet your needs.

In any case, no matter how much you plan your trip, there’s only so much you can fit into 3 days. Following this, you’ll probably have to book another visit, so that you can enjoy everything London has to offer. 

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