12 Packing Tips for Moving to Make the Most of Your Space

Are you moving soon but feel like there’s no way to pack everything in your living space? If so we are here to help by giving you the top tips on how to pack all your items using as little space as possible. For our top packing tips keep reading below. 

1. Pack Earlier Rather Than Later

If you begin packing your things sooner than later then you can save space and tackle your items little by little. Ideally, you’ll know about your moving plans months or weeks in advance, besides you will want to check out your moving guide early to make sure all your ducks are in a row. When everything is set in stone go grab a few boxes and being packing the items you don’t need at the moment.

These things can be items such as off-season clothes or even decorations in your current living space. After packing away things that aren’t necessary you can place the boxes in a storage unit to help free up some space.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Things

When packing you may ask yourself where all this stuff came from. Overall packing is an overwhelming process and the more stuff you have the more overwhelming it can become.

You can make packing less overwhelming by cutting back on your items. If you find that there is a lot of clutter on a table or bookshelf consider getting rid of it. It’s actually really helpful to do this before packing your first box.

Go around your home and look at what you have. If you don’t want it or need it anymore consider donating it. This will lead to you having less to pack, move, and unpack. 

3. Sort Items By Catagory

One thing you can do to make packing faster, efficient, and to take up less space is by organizing your items. The best way to organize things is into categories. 

Before packing spend a day organizing your items into categories such as things you want to keep, get rid of, and a pile you’re unsure about. This will help you to free up space and even get rid of a few items to make packing more efficient.

Remember that you shouldn’t tackle the entire house at once. Go through clothes one night and then books the next day. 

4. Donate

Donating is a great way to free up space and to declutter the house before moving. If you’re unsure of how everything is going to fit into your boxes or new place consider going through your house and getting rid of the things you don’t really need.

After filling a few bags with your unwanted items don’t jump to throwing them away. Consider donating them so they can be bought or given to those who can use your items. This is a great way to prolong the life of your unwanted things and you can feel great about doing it too.

5. Sell Old Items

If you’re looking to make a few bucks on rare or high in demand items now is the time to do it. When packing things make a pile for items you want to post online and sell.  This will help to free up some space in your living area and give you some extra pocket cash that can come in handy.

6. Hire a Moving Company

If you’re unsure as to how everything is going to fit in the boxes you have then why not leave it to the professionals? Hiring a moving company to make packing less of a hassle for you.

Since movers are good at what they do they can pack all your items up into a few boxes and make sure everything is protected. This will give you peace of mind while making you realize that you don’t have to leave a single thing behind. 

7. Create a To-Do List

If you’re going to be packing a lot of items up then it may be a good idea to map out a gameplan. Before packing your items consider making a to-do list on what can be packed first and what should be packed right before the move. 

This will help you to pack little by little and help you not to become burnt out. Also, having a to-do list will help you to pack similar items together and ultimately help you to save space in the long run.

8. Take Apart Items

One of the best space savers is taking apart items to take up less packing and moving space. This will especially help if you have the original packaging and can easily take apart and pack items away securely.

For example, if your television’s base can be taken off go ahead and do so. Place it in the original box and you have an instant space saver. All in all, taking apart furniture will save more space than packing them as is. 

9. Pack Ahead

When we say pack ahead we mean to pack what you will need while moving. This can be a carry-on filled with your personal hygiene items and even a few pairs of clothes you can wear when you won’t be able to access your packed ones.

Packing 3 days’ worth of clothes and items needed every day isn’t a bad idea. This will also help you to save space when packing because you will have fewer items to throw in your boxes. 

10. Pack Dishes Vertically

A great space saver when it comes to packing up the kitchen is to place your plates vertically within boxes. This will allow you to place more plates in a box and also help you to keep certain plates together such as decorative ones versus ones you eat off of daily.

Save even more space by wrapping them in paper such as newspapers. This will give you more space than if you were to use bubble wrap and still provide you with a layer of protection. 

11. Use Baggies

Instead of wasting a bulky box on small items, you should consider placing them in a container that’s just their size. Things such as hardware or even small trinkets may not fill a box up to the top. This means that you will have less space when moving because you’ll be packing away a box that isn’t being used to it’s potential.

We recommend using plastic baggies to help pack items that wouldn’t fill a box. These baggies will help to keep your items organized while taking up minimal space.

12. Use Boxes That Are the Right Size

Using boxes that are the correct size for the items your packing is a great space saver. Just as we stated above with the plastic baggies you don’t want to pack things and not have them fill a box. This leads to wasted space and can make it seem like your items won’t fit in your new place due to the high volume of moving boxes you have.

Heavier items such as books should be placed in smaller boxes. Since books are heavy you won’t be able to fill a big box with them without the bottom falling out. Using a smaller box helps to avoid the breakage and helps to give you more space.

Lighter items such as clothes and bedding can be placed in bigger boxes. Since they are lighter you can fill the boxes to the top and not have to worry about them breaking. 

To really save space you can combine these two tips and use less boxes. You will do this by getting a big box and placing heavy items on the bottom. If you’re packing books we recommend doing no more than 2 layers on the bottom so the box can support the weight. 

After placing your heavy items on the bottom of your box you can then fill it to the top with lighter items. This will help you to use fewer boxes while packing the most you can into each one. 

Now You Know the Top Packing Tips For Moving

We have given you the top packing tips for moving so your move can be as easy and smooth. From telling you how to make the most of the space inside your boxes to getting rid of things you don’t need, you will have a productive and easy packing time right before your big move. For more news and information be sure to check out the rest of our website. 

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