12 Incredible Digital Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind

Did you know that the internet is set to double in size in the next three years? 74 zettabytes (74 trillion gigabytes) of data were created in 2021 and this number will be 149 zettabytes by 2024. With the amount of content being uploaded to the internet right now, it’s literally going to double in size in the next two years. 

The internet’s growth is due to more people getting connected each year, and everyone becoming more reliant on internet services. Businesses that want to run successful marketing campaigns have to have an online presence. If you’re looking for digital marketing tips to improve your presence online then this article is for you, keep reading.

1) Have a Social Media Strategy

Many people on the internet aren’t here for business purposes. Social media and online entertainment are the biggest drivers of web traffic, but this provides businesses with a great way to market themselves to the exact audiences that would be interested in their product. 

Having active social media pages on Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram gives the largest portion of social media users an easy way to find you. By visiting your page, prospective customers can learn everything about you without stopping their social networking.

Posting short videos on YouTube is also a great way to market your products, services, capabilities, and culture (if you can make content compatible with the YouTube platform). Once you upload a video be sure to include its link in other similar posts and your social media bios.

2) Buy Paid Advertisement Slots

Most social media companies offer businesses the option to pay for advertisements to show up in users’ feeds. This is different than posting in a way that makes the algorithms work for you (although that’s also very important). 

Your advertisements and content will automatically show up on the feeds of anyone who may be in the market for your products or services. Buying paid advertisement slots on Facebook and Instagram improves your social media reach over and above regular posting. You’ll also be visible even if users don’t search for you or any of your tags.

3) Make Use of Blogs

People are constantly searching for tips, tricks, guides, and useful information on the internet. Capture a part of this audience by creating a blog page on your website dedicated to posts that contain this kind of information. No business is irrelevant as long as you can make your blog posts interesting and accessible.

Let’s say you sell vacuum cleaners: you could post about “The internal functions and machinations of your household vacuum”, which no one will read. You could instead write an easy guide called “Your cleaner sucks because it doesn’t suck”, in which you explain the same problems in a more reader-friendly way. Accessibility and simple language are the pillars that hold up good blog content.

4) Use Search Engine Optimization 

You’ll want as much traffic as possible if your blog page is a part of your online marketing strategy. Have links to your blogs on partnering websites and blogs to get started. You’ll also want to be writing your posts in an optimized way.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves writing quality content for human readers as well as bots. This involves posting authentic content containing (but not oversaturated with) keywords relating to particular search trends. Hiring an SEO company that understands SEO principles is the best way to go about blogging if you don’t have the budget for a knowledgeable in-house staff writer.

5) Use Google Ads

Having a Google Ads account is a great way to bring your content to the forefront of the search engine. With Google Ads, you get to pay for your content to reach Google’s first page when someone searches for relevant keywords. 

When users see your product first you’re guaranteed to make more sales and have more traffic on your web page and blog. 

This also involves your content’s quality. Google will assess the quality of your ad and give it a certain score. That score then determines how valuable a click on your link is.

You can pay per click, pay per 1000 clicks, or pay every time someone engages with your advert. Engagement refers to activities like signups or clicking on links once they’ve already clicked on the ad. 

6) Explore Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing is a digital marketing trick used to sell new products to people who have already visited your page. If someone visits your site, and especially if they’ve already purchased something of yours, they may be interested in your other products.

Remarketing places your ads on other platforms and websites in front of your past visitors. You can use your Google Ads account as an easy way to get started with remarketing. Facebook also has the Custom Audience feature which allows you to target past visitors with more of your content.

You can also connect with other businesses directly and partner with them. If a lot of your customers also visit another specific website, you can form a business relationship. Inter-business networking is a cornerstone of basic marketing strategies and that’s still true in the digital age.

7) Understand Your Customers

Almost no business has the marketing budget to have their ads up in all places. Streamline your budget by gearing your campaigns towards your average customers.

You need to understand your client base’s demographics to know what content to create and how to market it. Key aspects include age range, average spending power, typical needs, and typical behavior.

Let’s use a company that sells outdoor gear as an example. The best places to advertise would be on forums that talk about where the best fishing, hiking, and hunting spots are. Focus on advertising where your customers are most likely to be found.

8) Make Visually Stimulating Content

YouTube streaming accounts for the largest portion of web traffic because most people in 2022 like to watch videos. If you want your content to make a lasting impact you should create content that users want to watch or look at. Incorporating images and videos into your advertising strategy is the best way to see results.

Have your adverts open with images that capture attention and give the reader necessary information. Once people know your name, or the product’s name or type, they may keep scrolling out of interest. Keep in mind that a really good first image could be the customer’s deciding factor.

Having custom videos or links to your YouTube videos further down in your post is the next part of this strategy. If a visitor is still scrolling then they want more information. Keep them engaged by allowing them to watch a video where someone explains the product to them rather than making them read a list of facts and stats.

Lastly, make sure that your videos have a helpful voiceover or someone explaining on screen. The customer has just clicked on a video because it’s easier than reading. If your video is just music and a bunch of text covering the important information then your video defeats its own purpose.

9) Push for Good Reviews

Having good reviews creates a sense of security for future customers. When a business or brand has buyer’s security they always see an increase in revenues. Online platforms also prioritise promoting businesses with better ratings.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your product or service is up to standard. Getting better inputs, managing your production well, and training your employees will increase the chances that you’ll put a good quality item or service into the broader market. Giving your product more features or offering a warranty also improves customer satisfaction. 

For services you want staff who are friendly and helpful, especially if your staff interacts directly with clients. Restaurants with friendly, helpful, and competent servers are guaranteed to have better reviews and it’s the same for any other service provider.

Secondly, you can ask in a not-too-pushy way for your customers or clients to give you a five-star rating and a good comment. Many people rely on Google and Yelp reviews to gauge a business before they consider interacting with them. Having a high score boosts sales.

Satisfying your customers is also bound to keep them coming back. Providing an excellent product or service is a sure way to create a loyal customer base. Loyal customers are also bound to spread the word, giving you the benefit of free marketing.

10) Manage Bad Reviews

We all know people on the internet can be really mean and sometimes you fall victim to a bad-faith actor, but not all criticism is bad. Getting a nasty review or a one-star rating can sting, but you can also learn from these when they happen. Responding to these internally and publicly in the right way is necessary.

When you get a bad rating or review you should read what the customer says first and decide whether they’re being honest. By considering what the review is pointing out you can see whether they’re a truly dissatisfied customer or just some internet troll.

If a customer points out that a particular thing on your product is broken or glitchy, then you can change that in the manufacturing process. Most of the time you won’t have to re-design the product from square one.

If you’re running a service and you get a scathing review, it’s very easy to improve on the aspect of the service your detractor is complaining about. 

Some businesses take it a step further and actually reach out to people who give them low scores offering discounts or refunds. It’s important to conduct this kind of exchange privately.

It’s also possible to flag bad reviews as inappropriate if they’re particularly racist or inappropriate in a similar way.

11) Consider Using Emailing for Marketing

Email marketing is the unsung hero of the digital marketing world. Business Marketing and advertising new products with emails is very affordable and reaps amazing rewards. The average return on investment for email marketing can be between $36 and $44 for every $1 invested

Effective email marketing strategies rely on a lot of personalization. The initial email you send new customers should be friendly and welcoming. A custom design can also portray your business as authentic and professional.

Giving people the option to sign up to a wishlist or a mailing list for more email updates, newsletters, and coupons is the next part of this strategy. A client in constant contact with your business will eventually think of you if they need your product. They’re also more likely to refer others to you if someone close to them has a similar need.

12) Mobile Friendly Websites are the Best Websites

More than 90% of people who use the internet use their mobile devices. Many people only use cell phones and tablets to go online. Design your website to work on mobile devices to make it more accessible to the public.

You can also differentiate your business from the competition by making the mobile version of your website work better than your competitors. Incorporate larger fields for touch screen users to click on so that your website is easy to use no matter the size of the user’s hand. A night mode also makes it more comfortable for users who like to sit with their phones on in the dark.

Use Our Helpful Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Online marketing is vital in the internet age. You don’t have to use all of our digital marketing tips to make a successful campaign. Think about your customers’ needs and your capabilities, and see which of our tips work best for you. Maybe you can expand into social media if that’s where your customers are, maybe you just need to keep a mailing list.

Marketing doesn’t turn into sales overnight. Patience and perseverance are just as important as creativity when it comes to marketing.

Where will you get the money to market if you haven’t made any sales yet? You can learn about business loans and other financing options from some of our other blog posts. If you want to learn about other ways you can improve your business then check out our blog.

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