TunnelBear Review – Easy VPN Service

TunnelBear Review – Easy VPN Service

Access unlimited internet in full privacy with this easy VPN.

6.5 Total Score

TunnelBear is one of the best VPN services online with free features and the ability to upgrade to paid versions for even more features. It provides browsing privacy and freedom to access unlimited internet with a simple to use software.

Customer Service
  • Excellent design
  • Free plan available
  • Very affordable upgrade plans
  • Netflix compatible
  • Multi-device support
  • No P2P
  • Only 500mb of data with free plan
User Rating: 3 (3 votes)

TunnelBear is one of the leading VPN services online for one simple reason; it offers a decent free plan. While most VPN services require some sort of payment or offer a very short trial period, TunnelBear allows you to enjoy 500mb of free use every single month. While this may not be enough data for most, it’s certainly a very good offer for the occasional user.

Speed Test

One of the most crucial parts of choosing an easy VPN service is the speed it offers. More often than not, a VPN service will slow down your web browsing experience. This is something to be avoided, so having a speed test performed is crucial before upgrading to a paid version. Sure, TunnelBear is free and easy to use, but is the speed worth it?

In our tests, TunnelBear only had about a 5% decrease in overall browsing speed. This includes a latency test, download test and upload test. Furthermore, videos on Netflix and YouTube loaded smoothly, but the quality occasionally dropped to a pixelated version. This brings me to my next point; Netflix compatibility.

Compatible with Netflix

One of the rockstar features offered by TunnelBear is Netflix compatibility. Many VPN services are unable to connect to Netflix from other countries, but TunnelBear succeeded during our tests. We are based out of Canada and we were able to stream Netflix USA. This makes us feel pretty confident that all of the TunnelBear supported countries will be able to stream Netflix USA.


While TunnelBear does offer a free VPN service, you will probably want to upgrade to one of their paid pricing plans. Fortunately, TunnelBear is incredibly affordable. In fact, they have the most affordable prices of all the VPN services we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. Their most expensive plan, The Grizzly, is only $49.99 per year ($4.16 per month) and offers unlimited data.

Tunnelbear price

One of the excellent bonus features when choosing TunnelBear is that you can connect up to 5 different devices with a single account regardless of the plan you choose. This includes the free plan. This means you can connect up to 5 computers, tablets or phones all on the same account.

Customer Support

TunnelBear’s customer support is available 24/7 and it’s pretty amazing. We enjoyed contacting them as they were very rapid to respond to our inquiry.

Tunnelbear customer support

However, one thing we found rather odd was their lack of a contact page. We were unable to find the contact page on their website. We found a ton of helpful resources in their “Help” section and also enjoyed their “FAQ” area, but never did we ever come across an actual contact page. Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t see it anywhere! We contacted them directly via the email address listed in their Terms of Service page.

Multi-Device Support

Another amazing reason to choose TunnelBear as an easy VPN for your internet browsing needs is their amazing multi-device support. You can use TunnelBear on your computer, but you can also install it on your smartphone and tablet. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it a great versatile VPN service if you have multiple devices.

Tunnelbear devices


One of the downsides of TunnelBear is their lack of coverage. Okay, it’s really not that bad, but it doesn’t allow access from all over the world. It’s only compatible with roughly 20 countries, which is decent, but not ideal if you’re looking for something in any other country.

Tunnelbear countries

As you can see from the image above, it does offer access to major countries including the USA, Canada and the UK. One of the other positives is that they are constantly expanding, so more countries should be added with time. For most users, this somewhat lack of coverage shouldn’t be much of an issue, but it will certainly bother a limited amount of users.

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