Stores like Walmart are great for buying just about anything without having to spend a fortune. Whether you want to buy video games, home decor items or even cheap clothing, you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. Companies like Walmart keep everything cheap, making these stores ideal for families, young adults and just about anyone on a budget.

Walmart is among the most popular department stores and can be found all throughout the world. However, there are also a ton of other stores like Walmart that also allow you to find all sorts of different products without having to spend a fortune.

Our list of retailers and shops like Walmart is going to make it simple for you to find any type of product online. Whether you’re looking for feedback, answers about certain products or even if you want to shop from as many different stores like Walmart as possible, you’re going to love our list below!


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Kohl’s is one of the major department stores in the USA that lets you find just about anything. With video games, clothing, outdoor gear and so much more, Kohl’s has quickly become one of the major Walmart alternatives in the US. With outstanding prices and great discounts, you will be able to get everything you need for cheap. Browse their online department store now to start saving big!


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Another one of the excellent online stores like Walmart is Target. With locations found throughout the USA and Canada, they have established a major presence. Their stores contain everything from groceries to baby gear and videos games. Target has amazingly low prices and daily discounts that make saving truly enjoyable. Visit their website now or keep scrolling for even more stores like Target and Walmart.


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Sears is another major player in the department store industry. They have pretty much anything you could imagine including electronics, home appliances, workout gear, outdoor gear and so much more. One of the cool things about Sears is that you can have stuff delivered to your home or you can save on shipping by picking it up at a local Sears stores or pickup location.


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Another great option if you’re looking for a way to save money without compromising on quality is Kmart. Their department store is similar to Walmart with home decor items, electronics, clothing, toys and more. Huge savings and discounts allow you to pay less for high quality products. Whether you want to redecorate your entire home or get yourself a new 55-inch TV, Kmart is the place to be.


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Macy’s is well known in the United States for their parades, but they also have one of the leading department stores available. They specialize in affordable quality clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories and handbags. However, they also have a huge selection of other products, allowing you to find all sorts of items without having to overspend. Browse the online Macy’s store right now!

TJ Maxx

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TJ Maxx is another one of the top stores like Walmart if you’re looking for clothing at affordable rates. Their quality fabrics and exclusive styles make TJ Maxx one of the best places to shop for the entire family. They also have a huge selection of jewelry, accessories and home decor items making TJ Maxx an incredible store to discover. Browse their exclusive and trendy outfits¬†immediately.

JC Penney

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JC Penney has a ton of items for you to discover from home appliances, lingerie to pillows and bed sets. With incredibly low prices and some of the highest quality products available, JC Penney is among the top places to save and pay less. They have a ton of physical department store locations, but they also have a full online store, allowing you to shop online.


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Last but not least is AliExpress. While they don’t have a physical location like the other department stores listed above, AliExpress is one of the best places to get just about anything for cheap. They ship from China so some items take a little longer to arrive, but you will certainly save a ton of money. Whether you’re looking for clothing, cell phones or even fashion accessories, AliExpress is the place to be!

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