SkinnyMint Review

SkinnyMint provides you with delicious and healthy teas.

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SkinnyMint Review

SkinnyMint is a simple way for you to boost your metabolism, get rid of unwanted fat and truly detox your entire system. With their teas, you will be able to experience numerous benefits at very affordable costs.

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SkinnyMint provides you with delicious and healthy teas.

The weather is starting to get warmer, and soon it will be time to put on your bikini and enjoy a relaxing day by the pool.

Did that sentence send shivers down your spine? Are you just dreading the thought of showing your body in public? We understand. Not everybody has time to spend at the gym, so getting rid of that extra tummy can be tough. That’s why over 600,000 people around the world have followed the SkinnyMint program.

If you’ve never heard about SkinnyMint before, or if you have but want to find out more about it, just keep reading this SkinnyMint Review, we will give you all the details to help you decide if it is worth it.

The SkinnyMint Teatox Program

Let’s start with the basics. First of all, “teatox” is a combination of the words Tea and Detox. So, you drink tea to detox your body. The SkinnyMint program consists of an easy two-step natural tea detox program. You drink one tea each morning, and another tea every second night. The goal of all this is to flush out any toxins in your organism, boost your metabolism, reduce bloating, and burn fat.

The first tea is called “Morning Boost,” since it has a bit of caffeine to give you a bit of prep and energy to get your day started.  Among the ingredients of this tea you will find Green Tea, Dandelion, Mate and Nettle leaves, and Guarana seeds. You will drink this tea every day during the program, and a teabag can be re-brewed a couple of times to enjoy it along the day. Since it does have a bit of caffeine, it best to take it during the morning hours.

The Morning Boost tea has a delicate, fruity flavor. One tip we can give you is to brew it in water that is not boiling. Since it is a green tea it can taste a little bitter if it is brewed too hot.

skinnymint review

The second tea is called “Night Cleanse.” That one is a combination of Senna, orange and peppermint leaves, licorice and ginger roots, Hawthorn berries and Psyllium seeds. You need to drink this one every second night but start on day one of your program. If you started your Teatox program on a Monday, you would drink your first one that day, then on Wednesday, then Friday, and so on. This tea has a warm, soothing taste thanks to the ginger root. Its ingredients have a mild cleansing/laxative effect to help you detox your body.

Tons of SkinnyMint teabox reviews talk about how great they taste. But if for some reason you feel something is missing, just add some honey, lemon or cinnamon. It will not affect any of the tea’s properties.

Here’s another tip for you: brew a batch of tea, keep it in the fridge, and serve it in a chilled glass with some ice. Perfect for those hot summer days and nights! You can drink any of these teas while you eat, just replace your daily beverage with them.

Some SkinnyMint Reviews

skinnymint review

There are so many satisfied customers that SkinnyMint had to divide them into two sections on their website. On the Real Reviews page you can read authentic customer reviews from around the world. Most of them with a before and after pic that lets you appreciate the results obtained by following the teatox program.

Sharon, from Singapore, posted “I used to be a size 10 for tops I wear but I can now fit into size 8 comfortably without sucking my tummy in.”.  Anny, from the USA, posted “I finally feel good about myself and Skinny Mint is what I have to thank!!!!” And there are many, many more posts like these.

On the Love Board page you can see Instagram photos related to the SkinnyMint Teatox program, also posted by satisfied customers.  If you’ve been asking yourself “Does SkinnyMint work?” just head over to these pages and read the reviews. People couldn’t be happier with their results.

As a matter of fact, last year SkinnyMint sent a survey to over 1,600 customers to do some research about their satisfaction. 91% felt less bloated, 83% agreed that the Night Clean tea flushed them out, and 94% said that they would gladly recommend the Teatox program to a friend.

How Much?

Hopefully, you are now ready to be another satisfied SkinnyMint customer. Let’s review the SkinnyMint price and see what options are available.

  • Starter– This pack has enough tea to follow a 14-day program. It costs $29


  • Ultimate – Contains enough tea to follow a 28-day program. Total cost $54.90


  • Besties – Includes 2 Ultimate This is perfect for following the treatment along with your loved one or a friend. If you bought them separately they would cost $109.80, but grab this pack and you will pay $89.90. Need a great SkinnyMint discount? You’ve got it!

If you’d rather skip the complete program and just follow the morning or night one, you can also get a bag of Morning Boost that lasts for 28 days and costs $29.90. The Night Cleanse has enough tea for 14 nights and costs $24.90

So, how much should you add for shipping? How does $0 sound to you? Whatever you buy on the SkinnyMint website includes free worldwide delivery.

skinnymint review


Final Thoughts

If you need a simple solution – and we mean as simple as having a cup of tea – to boost your metabolism, get rid of some extra fat and detox (or teatox) your body, you should try the SkinnyMint Teatox program. Soon after, you will be uploading your own before and after photos and showing the world how amazing you look.

If you have any questions, just head over to and click on the Live Chat box. There is always someone available to help you out.


SkinnyMint provides you with delicious and healthy teas.

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