7 Best Lingerie Sites Like Yandy

Websites like Yandy make the process of buying lingerie online simple, which practically eliminates the embarrassment of having to buy sex toys and tiny laced thongs in person. While Yandy specializes in selling lingerie and sexy outfits, their online adults store is much more -there are also thousands of stylish dresses, costumes and adult accessories available. Whether you’re looking for some icy-hot lubricant, a manual stimulant toy for men or women, extra-large condoms or even a sex doll, Yandy is the place to be. While they do have all of these things and more, Yandy lingerie is what will keep you coming back for more.

Your size or shape doesn’t matter when shopping for sexy outfits and hot sleepwear at the Yandy sex store. Upon opening their website for the first time, you will instantly find lots of affordable lingerie. The massive availability of deals and promo codes makes it easier than ever for you to save big when shopping for lingerie online, even if you’ve never done it before and have no clue what to look for.

One great section worth checking out is the Bridal Lingerie department, which is extra sexy, whether you plan on getting married soon or even if you have no plans to ever do so – nothing’s sexier than a hot bride (or your wife role-playing a bridesmaid). Browsing through the other departments of Yandy’s online store will bring you to find sexy corsets, robes and baby dolls, each one making you feel a little hornier than the last. Although Yandy is one of the best lingerie stores online, we’ve located over half a dozen other sites like Yandy so you can shop for lingerie even more often – Enjoy!

Why not message women in lingerie with our anonibs alternatives!

Adam & Eve

Official Site

A long-time legend in the wonderful world of adult play, Adam & Eve has been going strong for many years. They excel at bringing you huge savings on national holidays such as Black Friday deals and Valentine’s Day specials. Along with their interestingly steep savings on holidays, Adam & Eve also delivers some of the newest and most popular adult toys in the industry. If you’re into new sex toy technology and you want to be sure that your next couple’s massager vibrates in the newest, strongest, most unique clitoral & G-spot enhancing patterns ever, then you will certainly want to browse the products available at the Adam & Eve online store for adults!

Cece Allure

Official Site

First off, I’d like to start by saying that Cece Allure is an online store that you can actually browse in 26 different languages. Now that we got that settled, let me tell you this – Cece Allure is not for the faint at heart. You will need to be open-minded and very open-legged if you know what I mean *wink, wink*. This online adult toy store specializes in bondage, BDSM and very creative sexual activities. For instance, if you enjoy tight latex suits on a whip-controlling goddess, this is the ideal place to shop for the items you seek. However, if you’re looking for a “beginner’s version” of sexual awakening toys, you should stick to the more traditional sites like Yandy, Adam & Eve and even LoveHoney (listed below).


Official Site

One thing we LOVE about Bluebella is their massive amount of fabric-less lingerie. By that, we mean the lingerie that is basically a bunch of strings hiding nothing more than a nipple here and there and possibly a bit of her landing strip. Alright, let’s be honest, spending $100+ on less fabric than I currently have in a single sock for a mere 2 to 3 minutes of visual pleasure is absolutely ridiculous. Before you know it, you’ll be yanking the tiny string off her body and it’ll be back to normal – same old position. Why am I going on about how you shouldn’t spend money on lingerie? Well, that’s not quite what I’m trying to say – what I want you to understand is that you’ll need to make it worth your while, by purchasing a silk night gown, silk daisy dukes and a babydoll outfit as well. Don’t just opt for the expensive stringy lingerie – spend a little extra and get the sleepwear. Trust me, you’ll be wearing those pieces for much longer periods of time!


Official Site

LoveHoney is going to become your number one sex store online if you enjoy adult toys like the rabbit vibrator for G-spot stimulation or the Lelo Tiani 3 – a couples massager which can stimulate his genitals, your G-spot and your clitoris all simultaneously. ORGASM!! LoveHoney is definitely one of the top Yandy alternatives on the internet because it has it all. It’s a large online platform that feels like the Walmart of adult pleasures – you can find just about anything you need and everything is very affordable. Whether you need more lube, condoms, sex dolls, male masturbators, female stimulants, sexy lingerie, role-play costumes or even adult boardgames, LoveHoney is a sort of paradise for adults. Side-note: If you’re currently married and have never used an adult toy in the bedroom, you NEED to buy one right now.

My Sensual Secrets

Official Site

At My Sensual Secrets you will find a wide variety of products for various tastes. There are hundreds of items available for men and women, as well as lubes and oils for a sensual massage. When you browse through the lingerie items make sure to check out the edible lingerie products, which is one of the best ways to bring oral pleasures back into a relationship in a very satisfying manner for both the man and the woman. You will find panties for men and women ranging in a variety of flavors such as Pina Colada, Forbidden Fruit, Strawberry Chocolate and so much more. Along with fetish wear, vibrating panties and a massive amount of underwear you can eat off of your woman, My Sensual Secrets also has a ton of sex toys for couples, solo toys, party novelties, bondage equipment and more.

Skarlett Blue

Official Site

Skarlett Blue combines luscious fabrics and luxe laces to create beautiful and sexy lingerie. Although their catalog is not as extensive as the other lingerie sites like Yandy, you will still find plenty of bras and panties at incredible prices. To make matters even more spectacular, every order gets free one-way ground shipping if it is delivered to a US address. Skarlett Blue is the type of place you go when your nightstand is already crawling away on its own due to the massive vibrational power that all your excess vibrators are giving off. If you just need cute panties, a sexy bra and something to sleep in that will keep him hard, you’ll love Skarlett Blue.


Official Site

Most of the stores like Yandy have been around for some time now. Journelle, on the other hand, was launched just a few years ago but has quickly become a leader in the industry due to their fashion-forward merchandise selection and their exceptional customer care. Their website has thousands of items from over 100 designers, such as Clo Intimo, Calvin Klein, and Madame Aime, which allows you to shop for big brands all in one store. Journelle is growing so rapidly that it has already gained the attention of numerous celebrity influencers including Liv Tyler, who completed an entire photoshoot in sexy lingerie, all for Journelle. Check out their website if you need lingerie, bras or a pair of the sexiest panties you’ve ever seen.

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