5 Free Movie Streaming Sites Like Watch32

Movies and tv shows are our number one go to when we have spare time in our schedule, during rainy days, and just when we feel like relaxing. Some people purchase them in a store, some people download them, some people go to theaters, and the wise ones, save their cash and stream them online. If you’ve been wondering how to watch free movies online, you’ll love this list.

Watch32 is our first recommendation. On this popular streaming site, you can watch HD movies online of all genres. You can watch the newest Hollywood flicks, the best Bollywood features, old classics, and animations of all kinds. You can even stream entire tv series on this site. Watch32 has hundreds of thousands of movies for you to enjoy. Each movie comes with a rating and a dozen or more links. If one doesn’t work, simply click on another. Check out the latest additions or browse the site using a name or a keyword.

Since Watch32 doesn’t stream anything on its site, all the movies and shows are perfectly legal. You can watch as many movies as you’d like without repercussions. There’s so much content on this site that you’ll never watch it all and new content is added all the time. If you can’t find what you’re searching for on this site, don’t worry, the sites like Watch32 listed below will have what you’re looking for. Bookmark them all to always have something to watch.


Official Site

Next to Google and Facebook, YouTube is one of the top websites in the world. This American video sharing website must be added to our list of alternatives to Watch32. YouTube is the number one site to upload, view, rate, share, and comment on user submitted videos. You might not know this, but YouTube has a ton of free films to watch without any commercials and hardly any loading time. On this site, you can search specific channels like The Paramount Vault, FUNimation, PopcornFlix, and Maverick Movies to find free movies to watch online. You can also use the search button and type in movie. This will narrow down your search to full length movies. New movies are always being added to YouTube so check back often.


Official Site

*Alluc was recently shut down after 13 years of operation.

One of the best sites like Watch32 that make streaming movies online a snap, is Alluc. This site has a huge collection of free movies and tv shows. Alluc doesn’t require a registration and watching a movie on this site can be done with one click. On this site, you will find over 80 million streams of all genres. The powerful search algorithm on this site finds what you’re looking for just like Google would. Alluc doesn’t host anything on its site, it merely does the searching for you to lead you in the right direction. Enter any keyword or any celebrity name to find what you’re looking for. You can also decide if you want to stream the movie or show directly or find the download link before you hit the search button.


Official Site

If you want to watch a ton of movies and shows you wouldn’t normally pay for, you’ll love this site called PrimeWire. Like the other sites like Watch32 mentioned above, you can also watch free movies and shows on this site. PrimeWire has movies that are still in theaters and new episodes of your favorite tv shows within hours of its release. On this site, you can also search for music, create a playlist, and chat about anything entertainment related in the forums. PrimeWire has a ton of comments so you know what you’re going to get with each stream. This is a great way to decide of a feature or know if about the quality of the stream. Since this site is completely free, you can’t expect everything to be perfect.


Official Site

HDMZ is another one of the best sites to stream movies online. This site is not only great to find all the movies and shows your looking for, it’s also one of the best looking sites on our list. Most of the websites like Watch32 are cluttered and filled with pesky ads. HDMZ is clean and easy to browse without any distractions. Search by country, by category, or check out the complete A to Z list to see everything available on this site. If you want to learn more about the movie or show you’re about to watch on this site, check out their IMDB links before you hit play. HDMZ is free to use and their wide selection is guaranteed to keep you busy for a very long time. The best thing about this site is that you can choose from 6 subtitle tracks with each movie you watch.


Official Site

Lastly, on our list of sites to watch films online, we must add FilmLinks4U. FilmLinks4U is a free streaming site that’s always being updated. The content on this site is very well organized and the choice is unlimited. FilmLinks4U has an archive you can browse that goes all the way back to 2009. Scroll to the bottom of their homepage to find it. If you want to watch something newer, check out the most voted movies this week or the recent additions. On this site, you can find movies from around the world. If you want to watch a Hindi movie, a Hollywood movie, or a Tamil movie, you can find them all here, and more. Be sure to click on the upcoming movie list to know what’s coming.

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