8 Social Networking Sites Like Twitter

If you want to enter the world of social networking and don’t know where to start, Twitter is one of the easiest places to begin. This is one of the best social networking sites available for beginners. Start your Twitter adventure by creating a free account with your Facebook login, Google account or email.

Once you’re a member you can instantly start sharing your thoughts, creations, personal pictures and ideas. This site is massive. Even if you only have a few followers the first day you could be surprised at the number the next. Things move quick on Twitter.

Keep “tweeting” your own stuff and “retweeting” the things you enjoy the most and you’ll have hundreds of followers in no time. Who knows? Maybe the next thing you share could go viral and blast through millions of viewers. If you’ve enjoyed this site and want more social media coverage with different types of people, take a look at these other sites like Twitter.


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Facebook is one of the best social media sites on the internet. This site is immensely popular, there are only two websites in the world that are more popular than Facebook, Google and YouTube. People from the four corners of the globe use Facebook. This site lets you share all sorts of media including pictures and videos and lets you write whatever pops into your head and share it with everyone you know. There are also a ton of multiplayer games, groups, and communities to join others and chat about things you have in common. This website makes life fun. Enjoy!


When you think of YouTube you think of videos and music but it’s also a site that is very similar to Twitter. Like Twitter, YouTube lets you post your opinions to the world through video. What’s fun about YouTube is that you can find just about anything in the world, with a video explaining or talking about your chosen subject. People love to show themselves off on YouTube. You’re bound to find a crazy dance, a karaoke singer, a prank gone wrong, or an unboxing video while you browse this fun site. There’s something for everyone on YouTube.

 Google + (Not available anymore)

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Google+ must be added to sites like Twitter. There are some new social networking sites that are more popular than Google+ but it’s rising each day. This site is very clean and easy to use. By the simple click of a button you can share a link, picture or video to those who have the same interests as you. Add friends to get more exposure and share other people’s stuff to help them rise to the top. Google+ is based off of its predecessors, Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz.


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MySpace has been around for a long time. Some have even forgotten it entirely, but this addition to websites like Twitter still exists. MySpace has been revamped and now looks fabulous. Everything about the oldest social media site is fresh and new. Check it out for yourself to enjoy the new layouts, flashy content, and social networking aspects, MySpace has to offer. You won’t even recognize it from what it used to be in the early 2000’s.


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Have you ever heard of Bebo? This site wants you to be social like the other sites like Twitter on this lists. The more active you are on this site, the more rewards you will receive. Yes, we did say rewards. For each click, comment, or post you make on Bebo you can collect points that can be redeemed for awesome stuff like stickers for your profile and even gift cards if you can collect enough points. The fun thing about Bebo is your profile and account is totally personalisable which gives you total freedom to let your creativity explode all over the screen. Hurry up and create an account on this addition to Twitter alternatives and start collecting points of your own.


LinkedIn is a site similar to Twitter made for professionals. This site links businesses and consumers to promote and sell their products and ideas. If you want to show off your new store or let people know about your career, and maybe find a new job, LinkedIn is the social networking site for you. Creating a profile on this specialized site is free and easy and you’ll be immediately connected with like-minded individuals and companies who have the same interests as you. Use this site to your advantage to make yourself known as a professional business man or woman.


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Tumblr is a great addition to sites like Twitter. This social networking site lets you share everything with short posts and tags. Do you have a message to get out? A photo, video or quote to share? Or an interesting link that must be known to the world? Tumblr lets you do all this and more. Reblogging is easy and adding friends couldn’t be simpler. Take a look for yourself and get to know this fun addition to Twitter website recommendations.


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What is Quora you ask? This addition to sites like Twitter is one of the best places to ask and answer questions. Each question is filtered into a specific category and the answers can be edited and organized by Quora’s community of users. This website has crazy questions and very deep ones too. There’s all sorts of content on this social networking site. You can also make friends and meet new people with Quora. Sign up for free to start answering and asking your own questions immediately.

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