5 Phone Selling Sites Like Swappa

Update - 2018.01.05

Sites like Swappa are places that buy phones online at competitive rates. Since most of us change smart phones every year or so, selling used phones online is a quick and effective way to minimize losses. Swappa provides you with a simple way to get rid of old phones while making money.

Swappa is one of the few marketplaces online that allows you to buy and sell phones. Simply fill out basic details about your phone and the condition that it is in, you then get a preliminary quote. You send in your phone free of charge and they send you the payment. One of the cool things about Swappa is that you can also buy slightly used phones from their platform at very affordable rates.

While Swappa is a great place to buy and sell phones, tablets, laptops and more, there are many other sites like Swappa that you should check out first. Getting quotes for your devices from as many different platforms as possible is a quick and easy way to ensure that you get the most back for your unused devices.



Official Site

Gazelle is one of the best sites like Swappa if you want to find places that buy phones online. They have some of the best trade-in prices on the internet. You’ll get paid in a very short delay and the process is entirely simple to complete. Gazelle also sells phones online, allowing you to buy affordable smartphones that have been slightly used.


sites like sellphone

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Another one of the excellent places to trade in your old phones online is SellPhone. They offer very competitive prices for most phone models including iPhones and Android devices. They also have a SellPhone app that you can download on the App Store in order to quickly find deals for your trade ins on the go. Explore SellPhone now to see how much your devices are worth!

iPhone Antidote

iphone antidote

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iPhone Antidote is one of the best places that buy phones online if you’re an iPhone owner. Since they specialize in buying iPhones only, they are capable of providing you with some of the best payouts available. The process is as simple as getting an offer, receiving a shipping box and then getting paid once they have received the phone.


sites like usell

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Another one of the excellent sites like Swappa online is uSell. This very simple to use website makes selling your used phones a breeze. Pick your carrier, choose your phone and enter precise details so they can provide you with an accurate offer. Once they have received your phone by mail, you will get paid. uSell has high payouts and has a superb customer support team.

Phone Recyclers

Sites like phone recyclers

Official Site

Phone Recyclers is one of the best options if you’re located in the UK. They allow you to sell all sorts of electronics online including cell phones, tablets, laptops and gadgets of all kinds. Phone Recyclers provides you with competitive prices on all your products so you can easily get your money back in a hassle-free manner. Explore Phone Recyclers now if you’re in the UK.

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