8 Torrent Download Sites Like SoftArchive

When you want to watch a cool movie or show, you have two options. One is to stream from a free site and wait for your show to buffer while you fight off the ads that pop up or you can download the episode or movie you want to see to keep it for later or watch it instantly without any wait. Downloading is usually the better option because of these facts. SoftArchive is one of the best torrenting websites available for you.

SoftArchives has a lot of things for you to choose from when it comes to downloading. You can find your usual shows, movies, and music but there’s also a ton of free games and books too. Using this site is easy. Start by searching for what you want in SoftArchives very organized database, then simple click on the download button. It won’t take long for your choice to be added to your pc to keep for as long as you want.

There’s one rule when it comes to torrents, share. This means you should let your download run a few hours after it’s complete so others can grab it too. By doing this you ensure that the torrent stays alive. Downloading has its risks, always be sure to use a VPN and a firewall to stay protected. If you’re someone who likes to collect all the most recent shows and popular movies on your hard drive, you’ll love these other sites like SoftArchive that let you download everything your looking for in a few minutes.


Official Site

When it comes to tv shows and series, EZTV is one of the best BitTorrent download sites available. EZTV has all the shows you’d ever want to see from A to Z. Usually you can download the latest episode a few minutes after it has ended, just browse EZTV’s homepage to see if it’s been added to its site. Downloading what you want to watch is very easy. Pick the episode you want and click download. That’s it. Once the waiting game is over, you can watch your show in HD quality. Never miss an episode again with EZTV.

The Pirate Bay 

Official Site

The Pirate Bay has been around for a long time, it’s one of the largest torrenting sites like SoftArchive on the net. The Pirate Bay has changed its web address a few times over the year but it’s always found a way to stay alive. You can find just about anything on this website. The content on The Pirate Bay ranges from blockbuster hits to black and white classics, you can even access a full list of XXX videos if that’s what you’re looking for. Because of all these reasons, The Pirate Bay must be added to our list of sites similar to SoftArchive.

AXXO Movies 

Official Site

AXXO Movies is a website that was created for your entertainment. If you love movies, you’ll love AXXO Movies. This is one of the top additions to our list of torrent download sites. On this site, you’ll never watch a grainy movie again. AXXO Movies only uploads HD quality films for people to watch from the comfort of their home or anywhere on the go, on any device. Pick from a ton of categories like animation, drama, horror, sci-fi, western and more. If you love movies, you’ll love AXXO movies, don’t forget to bookmark it because you’re going to want to visit this site again, we’re sure of it.


Official Site

1337X is the best looking site on our list. It’s bright and fresh and is perfectly organized to find exactly what you’re looking for. The only thing that takes away from this site is the 18+ ads that appear as you browse. Don’t let that keep you away from 1337X. This site has a ton of content. You can find cancelled series, special limited edition albums, rare magazines, and all the porn you’d ever need on 1337X. Just remember that 1337X has some X-rated pictures on each page so it’s NSFW or around children.


Official Site

Another one of the best sites like SoftArchive is called SUMOTorrent. This site is a real fighter when it comes to torrents. It’s been shut down and threatened more times than you can imagine but it always comes back kicking. SUMOTorrent has a very long list of things for you to download on their site. Everything is also guaranteed to be fast and perfect. This fighter likes to stay ahead of the game and is a whole new experience when it comes to file downloading.


Official Site

SUMOTorrent is a big fighter on our list of sites like SoftArchive, KickassTorrent can be thought of as it’s sidekick. This place to download torrents online is very easy to use and understand. It has a massive database of content and searching has never been easier with its search bubble that shows you what’s searched the most. KickassTorrents is also well-organized, simply scroll down to jump from category to category. The next time you want to watch something but aren’t sure of what, check out the search bubble on this site to see what’s trending.


Official Site

On this addition to our list of torrenting sites you can find movies, shows, games, music, software, and a lot of XXX videos. RABBG tries to monitor all the uploaded content on its site for authenticity and virus free downloads but sometimes a fake can appear in the files. Just be sure to check and see if your download is coming directly from RARBG’s site before you click on the download button. This site also has a “trailers” button that you might enjoy the next time you want to know what a movie is about before you download it.

Torrent Project 

Official Site

Torrent Project is another website that caters to downloading a ton of content in a wide range of categories. This site prides itself on being fast, clean, and accurate. You’ll always get what you “ordered” on this site. Torrent Project is very easy to use. Once you click on the homepage you have one button to use. It’s a search bar. Simply type in what you’re looking for, it can be a full name or short keyword, Torrent Project will do the rest. This site will search it’s archive to find a match. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, download your selected torrent and enjoy.

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