5 Websites Like SimilarWeb to Find Similar Sites Online

If you enjoy searching for new websites online, you’ve probably been using sites like SimilarWeb to locate the trending and popular sites of the moment. SimilarWeb makes it simple for you to find the best websites online. While this website search tool is free and easy to use, they don’t always list smaller or lesser known sites. This causes a huge problem, since new online platforms are developed and launched every single day, and placing no attention towards these “up and comers” makes it next to impossible for them to break on through.

One of the best things about similar site search platforms is that you can often submit your very own website, which creates a great backlink and is amazing for SEO. There are actually a ton of great websites like SimilarWeb that allow you to submit your site while also being able to find new resources online. Not all of the listed services provide do-follow backlinks, but in 2018, Google places a ton of importance towards no-follow links, almost as much so as they do with do-follow links.

We’ve narrowed down the very best websites like SimilarWeb so you can quickly find all of the top websites online. If you want to explore website alternatives or even if you want to locate the best service in a specific niche or industry, these SimilarWeb competitors will make it easier than ever before. Browse our curated list of websites now and make sure to comment with your thoughts at the end of this article.

Good Sites Like

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Another excellent option when searching for sites like SimilarWeb is Good Sites Like. This site brings you amazing comparison lists and full-on reviews so you can rapidly find similar sites online. Whether you’re looking for the best poker sites, best clothing stores for kids or even the best translation services online, they have it all. One of the really amazing things about Good Sites Like is their massive selection of nearly 500 different lists for you to explore. Having been in business for under a year, that is truly impressive. New content is released each day, so check out their platform now to find alternatives to your favorite websites without any further ado.

Great Sites Like

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Another amazing alternative finder site like SimilarWeb is Great Sites Like. They have a huge amount of content for you to browse. Whether you’re looking for the best sites like Pandora for streaming music online or even if you want to find the best payday loan sites like LendUp, Great Sites Like makes it easy to find. They include many underrated sites and you can also use their contact form to submit your own websites as well. With impressive domain authority and a directory site that delivers do-follow backlinks, contacting GreatSitesLike for some quality SEO online is a superb idea – plus you’ll get a ton of exposure.

Official Site

Similar Site Search is one of the top rated SimilarWeb competitors if you want to find similar websites online. They have a simple layout that sort of resembles Google in the sense that it acts just like a search engine. Simply type in the name of the website that you’re looking for and you will instantly be shown pages upon pages of results. The most relevant results will appear first, so if you’re searching for alternatives to Steam, you will be shown sites like G2A, Kinguin, Greenmangaming and so on, in the first spots. One of the downsides of Similar Site Search is they don’t make it easy to get your website approved in their system. You must follow strict guidelines in order to be approved by their staff and that can take months to achieve for a single backlink.

Similar Sites

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Similar Sites is another one of the great alternatives to SimilarWeb that you will want to check out as soon as you finish reading this list. They have a decent amount of sites in their database and adding your own website is a possibility. While it remains a hard task to complete, some hard work will definitely pay off since their domain authority and trust authority scores are off the charts. One of the downsides of using Similar Sites is they don’t provide much information about each website listed. This leaves you with no other choice than to actually test out most of the sites anyway, rendering it not so useful for finding alternative websites online.

Free Sites Like

That’s right – the website you are on right now is the best SimilarWeb competitor online. We bring you lists of the very best sites on the internet. Our website comparison reviews allow you to discover the very best alternatives of all kinds. Simply use the search bar above or pick a category to instantly find similar sites online. You can also use our Submit a Website page to submit your own site to FreeSitesLike. We too have rather strict guidelines when approving sites into our database and that is solely in order to provide our readers with the absolute best options available. However, our detailed descriptions for each listed website should be able to save you a ton of time when looking for services on the internet. Happy browsing and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or to contact us directly.

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