8 Women’s Lifestyle Blog Sites Like Refinery29

Refinery29 is one of the best blogs for women. This website has everything a girl needs to stay up to date with entertainment, home design, fashion, and life in general. Refinery29 focuses on women’s needs. Each article will inspire you to become a more stylish and independent person all while staying informed with current events and technology.

Over 500 million people have already found a friend with Refinery29, you will too. The original content and tips and tricks will make your life easier in this already hectic world. Take a few minutes to connect with other people around the world and make new friends on this massive social and informative blog.

If you loved the content, pictures, and videos found on Refinery29, you will absolutely adore all these other cool websites for women. Each one focuses on different aspects of life so you’re sure to find something new and exciting to make your life easier and more interesting.

The Every Girl

Official Site

This site is for every girl who needs inspiration and helps with life’s turns. If you’re looking to be an independent woman, buy a house, book a trip, start a new job, or just buy a new dress, this addition to sites like Refinery29 can help you out. This interesting blog has content about culture, wellness, travel, fashion, and careers. All from a woman’s perspective. If you need guidance or just want a few tips and tricks, this amazing site is for you.

Target Style

Official Site

Target Style is another addition to good blogs for women on the go. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to stop and read dozens of articles. This blog is a pictures only site on fashion and makeup. For a woman on the go, this is a great place to stop. Just take a few minutes each day to browse the pictures and find inspiration for your next outfit and color choices. Stay up to date with the trends without having to spend hours searching for new designs.

Who What Wear

Official Site

Who What Wear is one of the top lifestyle websites for women on celebrity fashion. This site works hard to be the best fashion experts when it comes to celebrity trends. If you loved the outfit Taylor Swift wore to the gym, or the one Kim Kardashian wore on a date, you can find a link to buy a similar style, for a fraction of the price. On Who What Wear you can also read articles on dating, fitness, family, and more. This site is perfect for any woman who wants to stay up to date with the latest trends and also learn more about life. This blog must be added to sites like Refinery29.


Official Site

Glamour is a blog that prides itself on always being awesome. You’ll never be bored on this website like Refinery29. Each day new articles are posted on everything from movies to make up. You’ll never miss a celebrity perfume or designer shoe release again with Glamour. This online magazine has everything you need to release the beautiful diva you truly are. Be sure to browse the outfit ideas to help with your daily styles and don’t miss the articles on everything from wedding dresses to plus-size swimsuits.

Cliché Magazine

Official Site

This addition to the best lifestyle websites for women is for anyone who wants more than the traditional beauty and fashion blogs found on the internet. This site goes one step further to stay connected with the newest, hottest, and edgiest products and trends on the market today. Life moves quickly, fashion and beauty do too. One day miniskirts are in style, the next it’s maxi dresses. Cliché magazine helps you stay on top of the game to be the best possible fashionista you can be. They also have enough articles and content to keep your knowledge of current events up to date. Click on the link above if you’re someone who won’t settle for the average status quo.

The Style Line

Official Site

The Style Line is a platform that helps women impact their lives in a creative way. This addition to sites like Refinery29 is built by a diverse community of people who use storytelling to add volume to the usual blogs found on this list. This website uses the concept of a train to explain how it makes “stops” in different neighborhoods to teach us about the global impact each generation, religion, and lifestyle can have on our daily lives. Every story on this website aims to help us discover what we can accomplish when we all work together.


Official Site

BlogHer is a great addition to sites for women. This one is made by women, for women. BlogHer helps women have a voice in the big world of blogging. Mom’s, businesswomen, and teen girls can all find a rightful place on this site. There’s something for every interest and generation. If you want information about fashion, politics, parenting, or food, this blog is for you. BlogHer celebrates strong women all over the world who lend their voice to help inspire more women to become better and stronger. Start browsing this unstoppable movement right away, you won’t be disappointed.

The Fifty Factor

Official Site

This last addition to sites like Refinery29 is aimed at women over 50. It’s not easy when you’re a generation above the norm. Most of the available blogs are aimed at younger women. This one is full of tips and tricks for an older more refined woman. If you’re looking for new recipes to treat your family, tips on traveling with seniors, fashion ideas that suitable for your age, or medical advice for things like menopause and brittle bones, The Fifty Factor is the best place for you.

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