5 Penny Auction Sites Like QuiBids

If you’re looking for the best penny auction sites like QuiBids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked up and down the internet to source the top rated bidding sites online. Whether you want to buy cheap electronics or even clothing, you will find it all on these sites.

QuiBids is one of the best penny auction sites online. With QuiBids, you bid one penny at a time. With multiple bidders, the price rises until a final bidder is left. More often than not, you will make huge savings on usually expensive items such as televisions, cookware and even fashion items.

While QuiBids is a pretty amazing penny auction site, there are many sites like QuiBids that are just as great. By visiting the links below, you will be able to find even more great deals online. Start browsing our list of the best websites like QuiBids right now!


Sites like HappyBidDay

Official Site

HappyBidDay is one of the best penny auction sites online. It too has a great layout, which keeps everything simple to understand. Whether it’s your first time on a penny auction website or even if you’ve done it before, you’re going to love your experience at HappyBidDay. They have thousands of products waiting to be discovered, so head on over there right now!


Sites like BidGrid

Official Site

Just like all of the other penny auction sites listed above, signing up at BidGrid is entirely free. Once signed up, you can purchase a bid package so you can start bidding pennies on products worth thousands of dollars. BidGrid is like QuiBids, but in the UK. Whether you’re searching for a brand new MacBook Pro or even if you want a luxury watch, BidGrid has something for you!


Sites like beezid

Official Site

BeeZid is one of the top rated auction sites like QuiBids online. It features an intuitive design that makes it easy for you to get started with the fun. Beezid has tons of categories to choose from including electronics, fashion, health and more. Whether you want to buy an iPhone 7 or even if you want to get your hands on a Walmart gift card, Beezid has it all. Discover this amazing penny auction site now!


sites like ubid

Official Site

uBid is another amazing website like QuiBids. It has tons of jewelry, sporting goods, electronics and more. With a very similar to QuiBids platform, you will bid pennies until one person remains. With huge savings to be made, uBid has quickly evolved into one of the leading QuiBids alternatives online. Explore their massive selection to start saving with great deals today!


Sites like orangebidz

Official Site

OrangeBidz is another excellent choice when searching for sites like QuiBids online. This bidding site has a simple sign up process that allows you to quickly get started with your bidding. OrangeBidz has tons of gift cards, kids toys, electronics and more, allowing you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Discover their outstanding selection of cheap products now!

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