5 Video Bookmarking Sites Like MyVidster

Sharing and being social is one of the main purposes of the internet. MyVidster lets you do just that, and more. This is one of the best video bookmarking sites. On this website, you can collect your favorite videos to share on your social media sites, you can also explore content from other users and add your own to share with your friends and people around the world.

MyVidster is one of the best video sites to collect all the videos you love. Social video sharing has become more and more popular and is almost a necessity for anyone who uses the internet. It’s nearly impossible to browse the web without finding a cool video, MyVidster was created so you can keep all your favorites in one place and discover new ones too.

Videos of all kinds can be found on MyVidster for you to browse and add to your personal collection. There are funny animals, surgeries gone wrong, explosions, pranks, and a lot of strange people. Use this site to save videos online and share them with others. If you love using MyVidster for its easy to use features and hilarious videos, take a look at these other sites like MyVidster. They all have a lot of fun videos for you to enjoy and share with everyone you know.



YouTube has to be the first addition on our list of MyVidster alternatives. This is the absolute best place to share videos online. Only one site is more famous than YouTube, we all know what it is, it’s called Google. YouTube has the largest collection of videos in the world. You can create a free account to share your own personal creations and collect all your favorites. If you want to discover videos online, YouTube is the place to start.


All the videos on Vimeo are HD quality and awesome. This one must be added to our list of websites like MyVidster. You can find a lot of indie films and videos on Vimeo. People love to share their personal creations and concepts. If you want to watch a video without pesky ads, choose Vimeo. This website is all videos, all the time, without any interruptions. Use any device you have that’s connected to the internet for hours of entertainment. Click on the link above to start watching.


If you’re browsing this list of sites like MyVidster it’s because you love to watch short user created videos. LiveStream steps it up a notch. This site is live videos all the time. You can stream tv shows, sporting events, and just about anything else that is available on a tv set. You can also watch gamers as they play their favorite games. Join a revolutionary community of live streamers today and remember to save your favorites so you can see all that has been added as time goes by. This is one of the coolest places to share videos online and must be added to our list of sites like MyVidster.


If you want a place that is redefining the way to watch videos online, take a look at LiveLeak. Stay up-to-date with all the newest events, celebrity mishaps, exposures, and tragedies. LiveLeak wants you to know about everything that’s happening in the world, right now, and shares it through short videos and articles. If you like to know about things like shark attacks and bridge collapses, add LiveLeak to your favorites. You’ll always have something new to view each time you log onto their page.


Cooking is always fun and lets you be creative with your ingredients. A downside to cooking is the cookbooks. The pages get dirty and are hard to turn when your hands are covered in flour. Luckily, websites like Videojug exists to make things a lot easier. This addition to our list of sites like MyVidster is a video sharing and collection site for cooks. There’s a ton of videos to watch and follow as you cook. Save your favorites for your next meals and special occasions. Cooking has never been easier, Videojug is a lifesaver in the kitchen.

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