6 Live Sports Streaming Sites Like MyP2P

If you’re a sports fan you probably never want to miss a game. Sometimes you don’t have access to a television or someone is already watching it, luckily, sites like MyP2P exist to keep you from missing your favorite team kick the other side’s butt.

MyP2P is super easy to use. All you have to do is pick a sport, choose a game and start watching. Most of the games are streamed live so you usually have to jump in on a game that’s already started or wait for the next one to start. The fact that all the games are free makes the wait totally worth it.

On MyP2P you can stream just about anything from soccer to badminton. Watch sports in all sorts of arenas and different fields because this free place to steam live sports broadcasts games from all around the world. If for some reason the game you want to see isn’t available on MyP2P you can browse our list below to find the perfect game to watch.


For more free sports streaming, check out ATDHE. This website is very minimalistic but there’s no need for extra flair when all you want to do is watch a big game. You are only one click away from your next viewing. Unfortunately, ATDHE isn’t available for those living in the United Kingdom or the United States. If you live anywhere else you can enjoy all the free sports you want on this addition to websites like MyP2P. If the first thing you click doesn’t work, simply try another. One will eventually work.


LIVE TV has a lot more than a free sports streaming site. This website also has a ton of videos about your favorite games and players, tidbits about the team, and live scores even when you’re not watching the game. LIVE TV is one of the best sites like MyP2P because here you can stream more than one game at once, not to miss a thing. The big choice you have now is, will it be boxing, racing, or basketball?


FirstRowSports must be added to our list of MyP2P alternatives. This addition to sports steaming sites is phenomenal. FirstRowSports is super easy to use and has all kinds of sports to choose from. You can watch a soccer game in Brazil then switch over to a hockey game in Germany. There’s also a ton of uncategorized sports on this site, why not stream one now and watch a sport you’ve never heard of before?



You’ll find a wide range of sports on ILEMI that vary from tennis to rugby to volleyball. If it’s considered a sport and is filmed while it’s played, chances are the game can be found on this website. ILEMI is one of the greatest alternatives to MyP2P for that reason. Every single game on this site is user submitted and unique. You can watch the game from dozens of different perspectives. Join the first-class lounge as you watch your favorite game through the eyes of another fan.


On StreamWoop, you can watch all your favorite games as they are played and browse an archive of old games to watch their replays. Live scores are available 24/7 so you’ll always know what’s going on in the big world of sports. StreamWoop will make you woop for joy every time you log on their website and see that your team is winning. This is another one of the top additions to sites like MyP2P.


SportLemon is another place to steam live sports for free. This site is awesome because you don’t have to search to see if your favorite team is playing. The homepage keeps a real-time list of all the ongoing events and the ones that are about to start. Simply scroll through the homepage to know what’s playing. SportLemon must be added to our list of sites like MyP2P because of its large selection and easy to use website.

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