6 Cheap Travel Sites Like Kayak

Finding cheap travel sites online is the best way to book hotels, flights and cars at the most affordable rates. Sites like Kayak allow you to benefit from the most affordable rates, while being able to compare dozens of different options.

Kayak booking is made with pure simplicity, allowing you to quickly find the best rates and the best options for your specific needs. However, comparing travel packages from as many sites as possible is the only way to ensure you get the best rates.

We’ve compiled a list of the very best sites like Kayak online, allowing you to find better deals than ever before. Browse our list of Kayak alternatives below to instantly discover the best deals on hotels, airline tickets and even car rentals!



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Priceline is among the best travel sites online because it brings you information about hotels, car rentals, flights, cruises and even entire vacation packages. If you’re looking for a simple way to aggregate information from numerous travel sites all in one area, Priceline is the place to be. You will find the lowest prices on the best getaways, making Priceline a great place to start your vacation.

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TripAdvisor is the place to be if you enjoy knowing exactly what each hotel, restaurant, city or resort is like. Their user reviews is one of their strongest points since you get to read honest feedback from actual users. TripAdvisor compares rates from various sources, allowing you to spend less while still accessing the best locations with top services.

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Orbitz is one of the best sites like Kayak if you’re looking for travel sites that reward you. Orbitz gives you reward points every time you book a hotel, flight or car rental through their platform, allowing you to get money back as you travel. Orbitz has exclusive 10% discounts on select hotels that are only available through their website. They also have a mobile app that allows you to book on the go.

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FlightHub is one of the best travel sites to visit if you want to book cheap flights. You can easily fill out a ton of different options, allowing you to search for flights with precision. One of the great things about FlightHub is being able to choose whether you want to have one way tickets, round trip tickets or even if you want to travel to multiple cities.

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Hotels is one of the best sites like Kayak if you’re looking exclusively for hotel bookings. As one of the most popular hotel booking sites online, Hotels lets you book hotels internationally. Whether you want to book a hotel in Las Vegas, Paris, Mexico City or even Hong Kong, Hotels makes it happen. The best prices are guaranteed and you will always know exactly what to expect from each hotel.

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JustFly is another excellent option if you’re searching for sites like Kayak for book flights only. JustFly guarantees the lowest rates on flights all around the world. They have a simple search feature that makes finding the best flights a breeze. JustFly allows you to find deals from over 440 different airlines that travel all over the globe.

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