7 Live Video Broadcasting Sites Like Justin TV

Created in 2007, Justin Tv is a website that lets anyone broadcast videos online. When you become a free member on Justin Tv, your name will become your “channel”. People can stick to a certain subject or genre or add a wide variety of videos to their channel. Justin Tv is a community who works together to help everyone enjoy free tv on any device that has an internet connection, making it one of the best streaming sites online.

The original Justin Tv was a site about its founder, Justin Kan. He would broadcast his life 24/7 for all to watch. It didn’t take long for this site to grow massively. This gave Justin the idea to let others add their own content to share all over the world. Justin Tv became what it is today because of all his followers. There are over 17 different translations on this site for added diversity. No registration is required to use this site and you can stream or add as much as you want.

As you click through Justin Tv, you’ll see which channels are live and which are closed for the moment. Don’t worry, they be back on soon. Add your favorites to your profile to easily come back and watch the streams you love the most. Justin Tv is an awesome site to visit the next time you want to stream for free online. Unfortunately, Justin Tv has been shut down, lucky for you, we’ve scoured the web to find the best Justin Tv alternatives for you to enjoy. Every site listed below is free to use and is guaranteed to satisfy your need for good tv.


Official Site

Twitch tv is an online streaming site for gamers. Watch others as they play their favorite games, stay up to date with the newest releases through interviews, hosted events and much more. Choose from thousands of channels and save the ones that interest you the most in your favorites. Twitch also has an instant messaging feature that lets people chat while the videos are playing. For these reasons and more, Twitch is one of the best sites like Justin Tv for anyone who loves games.


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Every country has their style when it comes to tv shows and movies. Unfortunately, you can’t always access channels from around the world. HastaLaVista is a website that streams the most popular channels from the United States and the United Kingdom. Watch a show on the Food Network and instantly open a new series on BBC. With over 30 free channels to choose from, you’ll never run out of great shows and movies to watch. HastaLaVista is one of the best video streaming sites like Justin Tv for foreign viewing.


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If you loved Justin Tv, you’ll love JustInTvStyle, this free streaming site is very similar to the original. This site is a tv within a screen. You start by choosing a channel that ranges from “back to the 80’s” to “fright fest” to “Cajunflix” and from there you can watch as the episodes or movies stream instantly. Since JustInTvStyle is a live stream site, you might find yourself in the middle of a movie when you click on a channel. Watch it to the end, change channels if that bugs you, or wait for a new one to start.

FirstRow Sports 

Official Site

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love FirstRow Sports. This site is very similar to Justin Tv except it streams sports, and only sports. Watch all your favorite teams as they run around the field or glide on the ice. Stay up to date with the recent scores and chat with other sports fans as you watch. FirstRow Sports has a ton of games all the time that range from soccer, to badminton, to hockey. All you need now is a snack, a comfy spot, and a cold beer.


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LiveTVY is one of the biggest free streaming sites on our list of websites like Justin Tv. This site hosts free streaming from all around the world. Diversify your culture by watching a gameshow in Asia, a telenovela in Spain, and a sitcom in America. If you want unlimited choices on what to watch, you should consider LiveTVY the next time you have an urge for live entertainment. LiveTVY is so good it cannot be forgotten on our list of sites like Justin Tv.


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Stream2Watch is another addition to our list of websites like Justin Tv that caters to channels all around the world. From this site, you can watch channels in Germany, Denmark, Bosnia, Austria, Greece, Canada, and more. Travel around the world as you go from channel to channel on Stream2Watch. This website streams live, so if your show is about to start and nothing is appearing on the screen, wait a few minutes, the instant the show starts it will be available for you to watch, for free.

Batman Stream 

Official Site

Lastly, we mustn’t forget to mention Batman Stream on our list of sites similar to Justin Tv. This is another site that’s exclusive to sports. You can access this website from any device that has a connection to the internet to enjoy free sports anywhere you go. Batman Stream only streams games in HD, giving you the best all the time. Batman Stream gives you instant access to some of the most popular channels in the world like, Sky Sports, NBA Tv, and Box National. Never miss a game or opening ceremony ever again with Batman Stream.

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