5 Money Making Sites like Humanatic

Did you know that there are a lot of good ways to make money online? Some of these ways include starting a blog, taking surveys, writing reviews, and doing small tasks for others. The thing you have to watch out for is those that try to take advantage of you, that’s why you must only work with reliable companies and websites. We’ve searched the web to find the best places to start if you want to make a little extra income right from your home. Humantic is one of the top money making sites on the net. On this site, you will review calls and it doesn’t matter where you live, Humantic is open worldwide.

Have you ever called a company and heard someone say that this call may be monitored for review? Humantic is where a lot of these recordings end up. This company will pay you to listen to the calls, categorize them, and find things that have been missed. The call reviews only take a few minutes each and they require minimal typing. No special skills are needed to work for this company and you can decide how much or how little you want to work. Humantic pays their workers every Monday using PayPal. To request your money, you need a minimum balance of $10 in your account.

Humantic might not give you a large income but if you work a couple of hours on this site per week, you can cash out anything between $50 and $100 every Monday and bonuses are given out once in a while for your good job. Humantic is one of the best money making sites to start out on but you shouldn’t rely on one site for your income, that’s why we’ve listed a few sites like Humantic that you can use to generate a better paycheck. If you use a few of these sites on a daily basis, you’ll soon be able to earn a decent living working at home. Start making money online now!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

One of the top ways to make money online is with Amazon Mechanical Turk. This site found among sites like Humantic is filled with short tasks called HITs (human intelligence tasks). Amazon Mechanical Turk works with businesses, researchers, universities, and consumer product groups to help find workers for their small tasks. The jobs on this site will pay you anything from a few cents to a few dollars per task. The HITs take only a few minutes to complete, if you do a lot in a day, your money will add up fast. Amazon Mechanical Turk has over 500,000 people on its site that either have jobs to do or are looking for work. This work from home service is available in 190 countries and in many languages. Payments are transferred to your bank account or you can turn your earnings into an Amazon Git Card.


OneSpace is a website similar to Humantic that connects companies with freelancers. This site can make you money online in numerous ways. On OneSpace, you will find a ton of jobs that range from categorizing data, to tagging media online, to transcribing audio files. OneSpace uses a feedback system to qualify you for your work. The more jobs you do, the better ones you’ll be able to get. You can take tests on this site which will help your qualifications and add specialty skills to your profile. OneSpace issues its payments to verified PayPal accounts. Your payments can be deposited into your account after each job and they take between 24 and 48 hours to process.


This addition to our list of sites like Humantic is based in Germany but available worldwide. ClickWorker only requires an internet connection to do the job and a basic knowledge of the English language. Log in when you want, find a job and start working on it. ClickWorker is that simple. This site has a ton of short tasks for you to do right from home. The amount you earn will depend on the job you pick. These jobs include things like writing, web research, surveys, data entry, and translating. The average rate per hour on this site is about $10. Your payments are issued after every completed job and feedback is added to your profile to make you eligible for better microjobs. ClickWorker uses PayPal for US residents and direct deposit for non-residents.


MicroWorkers is one of the top online survey sites like Humantic. On top of having a ton of surveys, this site also has jobs like writing reviews, transcribing documents, collecting specifications of establishments, and building databases. MicroWorkers is one of the top ways to make money online and this site is available globally. This site connects employers who need help with small tasks and people that want to work from home. MicroWorkers is great for students, stay at home parents, and anyone else who wants to make money at home. This company uses Payoneer, PayPal and direct deposits for its payments and all your jobs are paid once they’re completed and confirmed. MicroWorkers is great if you want to make your own schedule and work from home, give this site a try now, you won’t be disappointed.


Guru is another one of the best sites similar to Humantic that has a ton of small tasks that you can do from home. Completing a profile on this site is free and it only takes a few minutes, this means that you can start working immediately. Guru lists small time jobs that are usually only listed once, but you can also find long term jobs that take a few weeks to complete. The bigger the job, the bigger the pay. As you work on projects on this site, you will gather contacts which will eventually turn into long time gigs with employers that love the work you do. Guru has jobs like editing, ghost writing, article writing, and reviewing. Guru uses 6 forms of secure payments that are only done once a job is confirmed. Your payments are sent to you once the job is over but processing time varies by payment method.

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