7 Free Movie Sites like FMovies

Everyone likes to watch movies. Some people go to the theatre some people stay home cuddled on the couch with a rental, and others choose to download their content for free on a movie download website. Nowadays, you can find movie download sites all over the internet. This popular trend lets people stream their chosen movie online or download it for offline viewing, some sites let you do both.

FMovies is a little different than most sites to download free full movies. FMovies doesn’t have any annoying pop ups or any annoying ads that can interrupt or get in the way of your viewing experience. This site also has a streamlined and simple interface that gives you a great user experience. FMovies also gives you a short preview for each movie or show that you’re about to watch so you always know what you’re about to get.

With FMovies, you can watch the content you choose online or you can download it to watch when you don’t have an internet connection. FMovies also gives you the ability to add or remove subtitles, this comes in handy when a movie is in another language. All the content found on the FMovies site is HD quality, you won’t find any grainy films here. If you like the ability to stream movies and shows directly on your screen without opening your wallet, you’ll love these other sites like FMovies below. Hours of free streaming guaranteed!


Official Site

If you’re looking for the latest movie download or an old black and white classic, chances are you can find it on this site called 123Movies. 123Movies is one of the best alternatives to FMovies. This movie downloader site uses a third party server which makes all their streams completely legal, even though everything is free. On the123Movies streaming site, you can find content of all genres that include action, horror, romance, and comedy. This site, has tv shows from the United States, Korea, China and Taiwan so you’re guaranteed a very diverse selection. 123Movies is very simple to use. Simply enter a movie title or a series name to get started. You can also use a specific keyword like car chase or vampire to find something of interest. The movies on this site vary in quality. The newest streams could be in cam, but once an HD copy is available, 123Movies adds it to their site.

Watch Free

Official Site

Watch Free must be added to our list of sites like FMovies. This is one of the best free movie streaming sites on our list. Watch Free is basically a YouTube for free movies and shows. On this site, you will find the latest episodes and the newest movies, you can even find films that are still in theatre. If you’re looking for old movies like Casablanca or The Seven Year Itch, you can also find them here.Watch Free doesn’t require a sign up or a registration. To watch movies on this site all you have to do is chose what you want to watch and hit play. On this site, you can find horror, patriotic, historical, crime, kids, comedy, drama, and a whole lot more.Watch Free is organized in alphabetical order and their search algorithm always gives you a precise search.


Official Site

WolowTube is a massive search engine for movies and tv shows. Currently, this addition to our list of sites like FMovies, has more than 30,000 streams in its library. WolowTube only has HD or high quality streams. If the video you’re searching for isn’t available, it’s because an HD copy isn’t available yet. WolowTube only adds the best movies and shows to their site. Here, you can watch movies online free and you will never have to fill out a survey or download something to get watching. WolowTube is instant, free, and simple. This company knows that when you’re searching for a movie it’s because you want to watch one now, you don’t want to fuss with other things before viewing. cm


Official Site

This alternative to FMovies is called WatchOnline-Movies. WatchOnline-Movies has a ton of free movies to download and watch. On this site, anyone can start streaming free movies and shows, even beginners. WatchOnline-Movies is very easy to use. On this free streaming website, you just have to select the category you’re searching for and select a title in the huge database that caters to over 6,600 streams. Once your desired movie or show is chosen, all you have to do is press play to get started. There is no registration needed on this site and you don’t need to provide any personal details. If you want to chat about a movie that you loved or hated, check out the community blog found on this site to share your opinion.


Official Site

This site is one of the top additions to our list of sites like FMovies. MyDownloadTube is a great place for free movie streaming. Some of the main features on this site include the latest HD movies and shows and a ton of movies that are still in theatres that haven’t been released yet. MyDownloadTube also gives you the ability to watch online or offline by downloading their content beforehand. If you love playing pc games, you’ll find a large selection of downloadable games and game trailers on this site too. MyDownloadTube has all this and more and everything is done without any annoying ads or the need for a registration.


Official Site

Viewster is another site similar to FMovies that is a little different than all the others mentioned here. Viewster has your typical sci-fi, fantasy, and documentary free movies, and over 5,000 anime and gaming titles. Viewster is free to stream across any of your devices including iOS, Android, and Roku and you can also view this content on your smart TV or your Apple TV. Viewster has the latest episodes of all your favorite anime shows like Ghost in the Shell, Key the Metal Idol, and Bokura Ga Ita. This site is the number one site for anime, manga, sci fi, and anything else that cannot be found on most streaming sites like FMovies.

Top Documentary Films

Official Site

If you want to know more about communism, democracy, Donald Trump, the death of Yugoslavia, or learn about thorium, you’ll love this alternative to our list of sites like FMovies called Top Documentary Films. Top Documentary Films is the number one site to stream documentaries of all genres. On this site, you can find content related to fashion, to reality, and to war. If a documentary has been created on the subject you’re searching for, it will be found on this site. The best thing about Top Documentary Films is that all their streams are free for everyone. Check out the featured documentaries or pick a random one. This site gives you knowledge of all kinds and a new experience than just opening a book. Top Documentary Films is a great site for research, for understanding, or for personal discoveries.

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