7 Online Freelance Sites Like Field Nation

Today, a lot more people want to work freelance jobs. Freelancers get to work from home, make up their own schedules, and get a decent wage. There’s a lot of perks to freelancing. Field Nation is one of the best places to find online contract jobs. With over 100,000 technicians worldwide to choose from, you’ll always find the best people to help you with your current projects.

Field Nation is an online marketplace for people, available 24/7. There are over 2000 daily workers on this freelancing site. You’ll get access to a lot of cool services too, like on-demand recruitment, real-time pricing insights, and flexibility. Field Nation is one of the best places to find workers at a cheaper price and keep the quality you require.

This site can reduce your overhead costs, simplify project management, and help you gain actionable reporting. Start browsing all the different fields of employment to find the best person to hire for your next freelancing job. You can also add your own details and become a freelancer yourself. For more great sites like Field Nation that let you find and recruit someone for your next project, on a lower budget, check out our amazing list below.


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Another one of the best websites like Field Nation is 99designs. This website is the design secret to a great business. You can find talented freelancers who are ready to help you with your next design idea, for less than a professional, without losing on quality. If you’re not completely satisfied with your finished design on 99designs, you will get a full refund. This site focuses on designs. If you need a new logo, business card, or book cover idea, start browsing all the potentials on 99designs. We guarantee that you’ll find someone perfect for all your next online contract jobs.


Upwork is one of the largest websites to find free outsourcing projects online. This website will help you find someone perfect for your team and suit your budget. There’s a ton of different specialties on Upwork to pick from. Designers, writers, marketing experts, accountants, virtual assistants, web developers, and customer service agents are just a few. This site is very easy to use, you start by posting a detailed job, then browse the hundreds of proposals and profiles to find the best freelancer for you. Upwork is that easy, see for yourself by clicking on the link above.


Toptal is one of the best websites like Field Nation on our list. You might recognize it by its former name, Odesk. Toptal wants you to get quality work and experienced freelancers, you’ll only find the best on Toptal. This worldwide website lets you hire top talent or apply to be a freelancer yourself. Submit the job you need done and Toptal will find the perfect match for you and your company. Work with the selected candidates and if you enjoy what they can do, add them to your team. There is no commitment with Toptal and its always risk-free. Take a look and see all you can do with this addition to our list of freelancing sites.


The freelancers on this site are called Guru’s. You can use this addition to our list of sites like Field Nation to access a  global network of 1.5 million “guru’s” that’ll match your personal business needs. You can also add your own details and become a guru too. This website also has a large selection of freelancing jobs for beginners. This is great for anyone who wants to enter the freelancing market. If you’re interested in hiring a professional worker or become a freelancer yourself, click on the link to start enjoying all Guru has to offer.


Freelancer is another one of the top online freelance sites like Field Nation on our list. This website lets you get anything you want done. There are experts in all sorts of fields waiting to help you with your next project on Freelancer. You can find someone for small jobs, large jobs, and everything in between. You fix the prices and come up with the terms. You can also choose specific skills and deadlines. Just add your requirements to Freelancer’s site to start working with a professional right away.


This is one of the top websites like Field Nation to get things done quick. There are three simple ways to get started with peopleperhour. You can start by browsing the fixed priced offers which offer freelancers who promise to get a quick job done in an hour or you can post a job to wait for bids and ideas to come in. You can also browse the hundreds of thousands of freelance profiles to find exactly what you need. Your opportunities are endless with this addition to our list of sites like Field Nation. Look no further for a cheap and quick freelancer for your next job.

Freelance Writing Gigs 

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If you’re looking for a writer, editor, blogger, or publisher, you’ve come to the right place with Freelance Writing Gigs. This outsourcing website has a large combination of people who love to write and are looking for extra income. You can also create a profile if you like to write and are looking to find a stay at home job that fits your needs. One of the best sites to hire someone who likes to write, and does an amazing job, is Freelance Writing Gigs. These freelancers all have a way with words and will be perfect to help grow your website. Check it out.

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