6 Free Design Sites Like Creative Market

If you love crafts of all kind, you’ll love Creative Market. Creative Market is the best place to find a wide range of handcrafted designs for all sorts of projects. Use the resources for graphic designers you find on Creative Market for photos, website themes, fonts, 3D models, and graphics.

Creative Market has a large collection of installable fonts, icons, clipart, Photoshop brushes, stock photographs and more, that you can use for all your projects. They all have very cool graphic design backgrounds to help your pages “pop”. All the graphic designs found on Creative Market are unique and sold by independent professionals from around the world.

There’s a ton of free goods on Creative Market to get you started with your next big idea. Browse the marketplace to see what works for you. If you need something specific, you can contact Creative Market directly and they’ll make a custom order. You can also submit your own graphic designs to open your own shop on Creative Market. For more great places to find exclusive and original graphic design resources, browse our list of sites like Creative Market that all have a creative touch.


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Are you someone who works with WordPress or Joomia? If you are, you’ll love all the high-quality, free themes and templates you can find at ThemeForest. All the templates are guaranteed to be top-quality and have been reviewed by hundreds of other users. You can also save and share all your favorites with ThemeForest. This is one of the best free design sites and must be on our list of Creative Market alternatives. With over 35,000 designers, you’ll never run out of ideas with ThemeForest.

Playne Themes 

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Playne Themes is a great addition to our list of websites like Creative Market. On this site, you’ll find gorgeous minimalistic WordPress themes to make your website look like you hired a professional. Every theme you’ll find on Playne Themes are totally customizable so you always get exactly what you need before you download it. Each theme also comes with extensive online documentation so your themes are protected by the meticulous copyright laws. Effortless set up and great options is the best thing about Playne Themes, click on the link above to see for yourself.


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If you need new toolkits, themes, or templates for your WordPress account. Look no further than WooCommerce. This website must be found among sites like Creative Market. It’s already had over 1 million downloads and is growing fast. If you’re ready to build greater things you should be using WooCommerce. All their toolkits are easy to modify and will save you a lot of time and money in getting your business online. You can also sell your own creations on this cool website. If you loved all the other Creative Market alternatives, you’ll love WooCommerce. Enjoy!

Elegant Themes 

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Another one of the best sites like Creative Market is Elegant Themes. This website has all the WordPress drag and drop themes you’ll ever need. Elegant Themes also has large collection of stock photos for graphic designers to help with your next great idea. Harness the power of Elegant Themes and use it to build your social following. Their creative options and tools will make your blog, website, or company page look more professional and attractive than it was before. Browse all of Elegant Themes plugins, photos, and templates to see for yourself.


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Templamatic is one of the top sites like Creative Market to buy and sell unique templates and themes. This platform has a wide selection of amazing free themes and a great variety of premium themes for paid users. If you’ve decided to sell your artwork on Templematic, you’ll receive a 40% commission for every sale and there’s no end date, as long as the sites still running, you’ll keep receiving payment for your designs. This community driven project has members from around the world who love to share their designs for all to use. Check out Templematic for your next graphic project.


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MasterBundles is a developing and young marketplace. Since the marketplace is only developing, there is little competition among designers and it is easy to reach the top. Selling your designs here is very simple: upload your product through a special form, create a cool visual, and put the right tags. After moderation (a few days at most) products go to the Marketplace and are available to customers. The commission, which the vendor pays to the platform is only 50%.

Dozens of designers who upload their visual works on MasterBundles note such benefits as a convenient interface, an opportunity to craft things they want without orders, and fast & easy withdrawals. One more significant advantage is that thanks to MasterBundles you don’t have to look for clients as they help with promotion a little bit.

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