7 Online Bookstore Sites Like Book Depository

If you love to read you’ll love Book Depository. This online book store is massive, it has over 17 million titles in its inventory. The prices are unbelievable and the Book Depository also ships free to over 100 countries worldwide. There’s no reason not to pick out a few good books while your browsing one of the best online bookstores ever.

Whatever you’re interested in or passionate about, Book Depository has something for you. They even have a recommendation database to help you find something new to enjoy. You might be surprised at the new subjects Book Depository proposes to you, who knows, you might find a new favorite interest. Book Depository also has a very high rank when it comes to customer service, their aim is for total satisfaction.

Book Depository tries to have ever single book ever written in its inventory, if a book isn’t available contact them and they’ll try to find the book for you. Reading is something everyone can enjoy, from our earliest years to latest days. Check out this place to find discount books online and be sure to browse the other sites like Book Depository to find even more books and deals to keep you reading. There’s nothing better for the soul than a good book.


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If you need to buy art books, children’s books, or even a book to learn more about your favorite wines, you can find them on BetterWorldBooks. The selection is a little smaller than the other sites like Book Depository already mentioned but the prices will make up for it. Take a look at the bargain bin for very low prices on some of the best books. If you take the time to browse the categories we’re sure you’ll find discover a new passion. BetterWorldBooks must be added to this list of online bookstores for its cool recommendations, and bargain bin prices.

Barnes and Noble 

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Barnes and Noble is one of the most popular places to buy books online. This retailer has you covered when it comes to a good book for anyone in the family. You can add to your gardening book collection or even buy textbooks with Barnes & Noble. This great store also has games and collectibles and gifts. There’s something for everyone at Barnes and Noble. The best thing about this online store to buy books and other things is that the prices are low and there’s always added coupon codes and things like 2 for 1’s. Take a look and see for yourself.


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Amazon is one of the best Book Depository alternatives, this store has books of all kinds. With Amazon, you can search books by category like mystery, romance, sci-fi, and cookbooks. You can also browse popular selections like best books of the month, children’s book, and spring reading selections. There’s even a huge selection of book reviews and blogs to find all the best selections that fit your personal reading choices. If you’d rather read on a tablet or Kindle, you can find all your favorite books in ebook format to download, a lot are even free. Amazon is a top selection for our list of online book sites.


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Chapters is a great place to buy discount books, you can even get a package deal on certain orders. Like if you buy 10 books you can get 3 free. Check the available deals when you’re ready to order there’s sure to be one that’ll satisfy your budget and needs. With Chapters, you’ll always have a huge choice of books and home decorations. You can also customize things like blankets and coffee cups for a great selection of personalized gifts. This addition to sites like Book Depository is a lot more than books and great deals, click on the link above to see for yourself.


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Wordery is a simple site that focuses more on its book selection than its design. This is good for you, this website loves books and their design shows off their passion. Wordery is one of the simplest websites like Book Depository to navigate and search in. If all your searching for is a good read and don’t need any of the extra nick-knacks that the other sites sell, Wordery is the perfect site for you. In only a few clicks your order will be ready and the books will arrive in just a few days.

Book World


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This website similar to Book Depositories has one word to describe it, elegant. Book World has a classy feel and design. This place to order books online is the top place to find bestsellers, poetry books, and classic literature. There’s also a large collection of educational games and books for children. If you love magazines you can also pick your favorites from over 3000 titles. Book World doesn’t have everything but if the categories mentioned above are what you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy shopping on this site. They have low shipping costs and delivery is expected within 3-4 days, anywhere in the world.

Angus Robertson


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This site is based out of Australia but don’t let that turn you off. All orders over $50 offer free and fast shipping to any country in the world. There’s even a loyalty program with this addition to our list of sites like Book Depository that gives you monthly recommendations personalized just for you, exclusive member-only sales, and shipping promotions too. You’ll never run out of choices with this book seller, they have an enormous selection that’s updated regularily. If you like to read books and update your collection often, you should check out Angus and Robertson and their free loyalty program.

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