5 Best Free VPN Sites Like Blockless

Blockless is a privacy tool that allows users to surf the internet in complete freedom using private networks. Users can trick the internet into thinking they are from another country, you can protect your personal information from websites and you can even browse the internet anonymously. VPN connections use special servers to provide you with extra security and to access free services from all over the world.

With Blockless, you can literally surf the web in complete freedom. You will no longer have to deal with limitations due to your country or IP address. Blockless is a complete set of tools that provides safety, freedom and the ability to unlock many perks online by switching online regions.

However, Blockless comes at a price, which is why we want to bring you a list of free sites like Blockless so you can enjoy the same benefits without having to break your bank account. Our list of sites similar to Blockless provide you with similar features, but at a much lower price. Browse the VPN reviews below to start browsing the web in complete freedom.


Free Sites Like Blockless TunnelBear

Official Site

TunnelBear is a free alternative to Blockless. You can use this site to surf the internet while hiding your IP address and by protecting your identity online. TunnelBear allows you to surf the internet much faster by bypassing your ISP speed limits and trackers. 500mb per month is free or you can upgrade to unlimited usage for $4.16 per month. Their service servers are absolutely amazing with tons of data for free and the ability to connect server with a single click.

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tunlr free sites like blockless

Official Site

Tunlr is an amazing tool that lets you unblock worldwide content no matter where you are from. You can enjoy a secure, free and unlimited internet experience with this connected VPN. As one of the leading sites like Blockless, Tunlr is easy to use and can be completely setup within minutes. With Tunlr, you can fool your computer into thinking that you’re somewhere else. Give Tunlr a try right now for free or gain access to all of their features for just $9.99 per year!

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surfeasy blockless free alternative

Official Site

With the SurfEasy VPN services, you will be able to surf the web in complete privacy and you won’t have to worry about your personal details being shared with anyone. SurfEasy connects with all of your devices including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and even tablets providing you with full VPN internet coverage. SurfEasy is a Blockless alternative that has amazing multi-device support.

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unblockus free sites like blockless

Official Site

UnblockUS is one of the best VPN servers that allows you to get around blocked websites. UnblockUS is great for accessing sites like Netflix USA that are only available to users in the USA using their secure VPN network. This service also allows you to bypass your ISP trackers so you can experience enhanced browsing speed and truly make the most of your internet usage. Check out UnblockUS right now, they have a free trial so you can start for free.

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Total VPN

total vpn

Official Site

The best free VPN online brings you tons of excellent privacy features for free. Total VPN excels at doing just that – they have a fully private VPN platfrom that lets you access the internet without limitations. The Total VPN network is easy to use and can be access from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. While it may not be the fastest VPN available, it does provide you with great browsing speeds and it can still be considered a fast VPN. Check out Total VPN if you’re looking for a cheap VPN that lets you benefit from VPN security and browsing without having to spend a fortune.

What is VPN

A VPN service is a virtual private network, which allows users to benefit from additional layers of internet security when browsing the internet. An online VPN will allow you to hide your true identity from other online users, your internet service provider and much more. Numerous benefits are associated with using VPN services and we’re going to cover the main benefits below.

One thing worth mentioning before going over the VPN benefits is that you must choose an anonymous VPN according to your needs. Some of the VPN reviews above have free features. If you only need a few basic features, you should definitely pick a virtual private network that costs nothing to use.

Private VPN Benefits

The most common benefit is the anonymity that comes along with using a private network connection. Nobody will ever know who you are. This means your IP address can’t be detected. This could be useful in order to avoid geo-targeting such as only viewing ads specific to your region. However, the main benefit of this feature is being able to access websites from all over the world. Some sites such as Netflix USA are only available in specific countries, in this case USA. By pretending you are in the USA, you will actually be able to stream movies from Netflix USA, regardless of where you’re from.

The second major benefit of free VPN services is the additional security. Your vulnerability when browsing the internet is your IP address. However, when using a private network, your true IP address is hidden and nobody will ever be able to know your location.

The final really huge benefit of using a VPN blocker is being able to hide your usage from your ISP. Many internet service providers prevent you from being able to download files from P2P sharing sites such as torrent sites. With a proxy VPN by your side, you won’t be limited and your ISP won’t be able to block you from downloading files online. In fact, they won’t even know which sites you’re browsing.

Browse our list of the top 2016 VPN providers above to find one that fits your needs!

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