6 Funny Blog Sites Like 9gag

Sites like 9gag are great for finding funny photos, videos and GIFs online. Whether you love 9gag images or even if you prefer the 9gag memes, you’re going to find tons of websites like 9gag right here. We spent a lot of time and effort searching for the best 9gag alternatives. The funny sites we found are absolutely amazing!

9gag is a funny blog site where you can browse funny images, funny videos and much more. They add new content on a daily basis and many of their posts go viral real fast. With sites similar to 9gag, you will always have tons of reasons to laugh.

This list of sites like 9gag is constantly evolving, so make sure to bookmark our list and return on a regular basis to never miss out on the newest sites. Start laughing right now by scrolling down and visiting the best 9gag alternative websites on the internet!


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Bored Panda is one of the top rated sites like 9gag because it brings you tons of hilarious content. Not only does BoredPanda bring you funny images, GIFs and videos, but it also has cool and interesting articles. BoredPanda has new content added on a daily basis, making it easy for you to always have funny content right around the corner. Check out BoredPanda right now for an amazing 9gag alternative!


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Funny or Die is easily the most popular site similar to 9gag online. This funny blog site has tons of hilarious articles uploaded every single day. Funny photos, epic fails and hilarious videos will keep you staring at this website for hours at a time. Funny or Die also has a ton of funny content featuring celebrities, making it extremely popular and viral. Check out Funny or Die right now if you want to laugh!


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Another one of the great sites like 9gag is LiquidCheez. This funny blog site has a simple layout, which simply has you scrolling down to continuously browse new posts. LiquidCheez has thousands of photo images uploaded every single month and they also have a ton of funny videos online. Take a look at LiquidCheez if you’re looking for high quality 9gag alternatives worth discovering.


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VideoLoop is one of the best 9gag alternatives online for watching funny videos. This funny website’s layout is ultra simple, allowing you to quickly go from one video to another by clicking on the arrow button. One of the fun things about VideoLoop is that you can submit your very own funny videos and have them featured on their website. Watch the funny videos and GIFs at VideoLoop right now!


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What makes iFunny one of the best of 9gag alternatives is how unique the content is. They work hard to deliver unique content that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They also theme their funny photos around daily events such as the 4th of July having tons of fireworks gags. Check out iFunny right now if you’re looking for hilarious alternatives to 9gag that are easy to browse and very funny!


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Another excellent website like 9gag worth checking out is 1Funny. This funny blog site has clean humor only, so expect to see a lot of funny animal pics and funny kid photos. 1Funny is well built with a simple to use interface and lots of new content added on a daily basis. If you love 9gag, but you’d prefer seeing clean humor, you’re going to really enjoy spending time on 1Funny.

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