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SheIn is an online clothing store that lets users submit photos of themselves wearing the pieces.

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SheIn Review

SheIn is one of the best places to shop for clothing and fashion accessories online and truly know what to expect. With the ability for customers to upload photos of themselves wearing each item, you can truly see what each piece looks like on a non-model person.

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SheIn is an online clothing store that lets users submit photos of themselves wearing the pieces.

SheIn started as a small fashion site in 2008 and is now a hugely popular website that ships all sort of apparel and accessories around the world. Their style is targeted at trendy women and teens who want high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

There are SheIn geo-targeted websites that have content designed exclusively for specific countries. For example, if you live in the US, will have the clothes and shoes for you. Other supported countries are Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and the Middle East. The website is the generic version and can be accessed worldwide.

If you’ve read any SheIn reviews you probably know that this website offers great clothing, jewelry, and accessories, but so do many other sites. What makes SheIn better? Why is it so popular? We also wanted to know this, so we decided to do our own SheIn Review and found many great features that will make you want to bookmark this site as one of your favorites.

SheIn’s Catalog

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First of all, at SheIn you will find everything sorted out in a few quick-access categories.

The What’s New page has style suggestions that are updated daily. You can view clothing that’s available on the site and see if anything catches your eye. There is also a trending section where you can check out what other customers are buying.

The EXCLUSIVE page will show you swimwear, activewear, dresses, and tops that can only be found on this site.

Next are the dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes pages. Each one divided into several subcategories to make your browsing easier.

On the jewelry page you can find everything from necklaces and earrings to body jewelry and brooches, while the accessories page has an extensive line of scarves, belts, sunglasses, and bags.

When you click on any clothing item you will be taken to a listing page where lots of useful information is displayed. You can check out how that blouse looks from the front, the back, and get a close-up to view any details and designs. It shows the sizes available, and an extensive description with details such as the color, material, season it is meant to be used on, and any pattern or design details.

There is also a style gallery where you can see pics of other buyers wearing the outfit, and a customer reviews area to read comments posted about it.

Bonus Point Program

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Once you register a free account on SheIn you are enrolled in the Bonus Point Program. Every 100 points are equal to $1, and there are many ways to earn them. Once you register and verify your email you will receive your first 100 points. Every dollar spent on the site gives you another point. Reviewing the outfits with a comment will give you 10 points; add a photo and you’ll get 20; share it on Facebook and get another 5.

If you use social media a lot, earning points can be pretty easy for you. Sharing SheIn products on Twitter gives you 5 points, YouTube means 30, Lookbook 8, Wanelo 6 and Polyvore also 6 points. You can also win points at the Style Gallery contests.

As you can see, gaining points in this program is easy and can mean a nice discount on your purchase.

Registering at the SheIn Website

You can browse around the site and buy as much as you can without creating an account, but by doing so you gain access to some nice extra features. As soon as you verify your email you will receive a discount coupon and 100 bonus points.

With an account you’ll also be able to keep track of any customer support tickets you might have sent in, have access to your wallet -which is where any refunds are credited to, check your current and past orders, and set your payment method and delivery address. There is a Bonus Points section the check how many points you’ve earned so far.

Style Gallery

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Creating an account at SheIn will also give you access to the Style Gallery page. Here you can upload your look and share it with the world. All outfits must be from SheIn, and each photo is entered into a weekly contest. The top-50 which receive the most votes win 1,000 bonus points.

SheIn Sales

As the name might imply, on the Sale page you will find great clothing with great discounts. Have you ever visited an apparel website, clicked on their sales page, and all you can find are ugly designs with 10% off? What a rip-off! But that won’t happen here. You can find amazing She in dresses, tees, skirts and more at unbelievable prices.

While we were doing this SheIn Review we saw a beautiful gray hooded sweater coat that had a price of $95 and was on sale for $19. That’s 80% off! And it wasn’t the only item that caught our eye. We also loved a black sweatshirt that had 68% off. There are hundreds of items to choose from.

Wholesale Program

If you fell in love with the She in clothing line and want to be part of this business, you can apply for their wholesale program. Larger discounts and VIP service are offered to wholesalers, and the requirements are quite simple. You need to spend over $500, and you will get 15% off. Spend over $2000 and receive 20% off.

Shipping Info

It will take 3 to 7 business days to get your order processed. After that, it will be shipped. If you are a US customer, you have three shipping methods to choose from.

  • Standard – Free for all orders, no minimum purchase. Yup, shipping is free! Your items will arrive within 6-8 business days.
  • Expedited – Free or orders over $29.90. If you don’t reach this amount, you can pay $1.90 and get this shipping method. Items will arrive within 4 to 7 days
  • Express – Free for orders over $99.90, or pay $12.90 extra. Items will arrive within 3 to 5 days.

Final Thoughts –

When you visit the SheIn website you’ll find great outfits and accessories offered at competitive prices without having to step out the door. Best of all, you can read honest reviews from previous customers to help you decide if that dress or blouse is worth it.

One feature we loved is that you can also view pics of people wearing the outfits! Sure, any professional model will look fantastic in a red velvet dress, but seeing someone that might look like your friend or neighbor wearing it gives you a clearer idea of how it could look on you.


SheIn is an online clothing store that lets users submit photos of themselves wearing the pieces.

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