7 Free Media Players Like VLC

Players like VLC make it possible for you to watch all sorts of movies and videos on your computer. One of the best things about VLC players is that they cost nothing and provide you with a simple to use interface. However, VLC isn’t compatible with all video formats.

Whether you want to watch an unsupported video format or even if you want better controls, VLC alternatives are plentiful. The trouble is being able to quickly find the programs like VLC that are actually worthy of being downloaded.

Fortunately, you won’t have to download dozens of media players like VLC because we’ve already done the hard work for you. We’ve tested all of the top programs like VLC online and we’ve created a list of the best of them. Browse our list below to instantly find the best free video players online.


DivX is one of the very best sites like VLC online. Whether you want to watch movies that you downloaded online or even if you want to watch movies that you took from your phone, DivX supports most formats. This makes it easy for you to watch just about anything from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Download DivX now to never have to deal with unsupported formats again!


RealPlayer is one of the oldest programs like VLC online and it brings you a ton of excellent features worth discovering. They support a ton of formats, so opening up media files is easier than ever when choosing RealPlayer. As one of the best free video player programs online, RealPlayer also brings you a ton of additional features such as the ability to share videos with others.

GOM Player

Another one of the great players like VLC is GOM Player. This free software tool can be download on most platforms, allowing you to watch as many videos as you like without any limitations. One of the greatest things that sets GOM Player apart is its additional features such as GOM Audio, GOM Remote and GOM Cam. Download the GOM Player now as one of the top VLC alternatives!


MPlayerX is another excellent player like VLC that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re serious about watching movies and videos on your computer. MPlayerX is a simple, yet very powerful media player that provides you with a ton of features. Whether you want a simple media player that allows you to watch movies with the press of a button or even if you want complex features, MPlayerX is the one to download.


Another among the top players like VLC is SMPlayer. This VLC alternative has a ton of built-in codecs that make opening video and audio formats of all types easier than ever. Whether you want to watch downloaded movies or even if you want to insert a DVD into your computer system, you will be able to open virtually anything.


KMPlayer is also among the top rated programs like VLC online because of its pure simplicity, yet complex features that please the more advanced users. One of the really cool things about KMPlayer is its multi-device support. You will be able to install this video player on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and many other platforms. If you’re looking for an all-around VLC alternative, this is it!


Last but not least is Kodi, another video player among the best players like VLC. This open-source program like VLC lets you enjoy all of the best media formats without having to deal with unsupport format messages or awkward error codes. With a full wiki page and a dedicated forum, you will always get the support you need. Explore Kodi now as one of the best programs like VLC online.

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