5 Online Consignment Sites Like The Real Real

Update - 2018.01.02

The Real Real is an online consignment shop that lets you buy and sell luxury handbags, clothing and more. If you’re looking for sites like The Real Real for consignment handbags or even if you just want luxury for less, this list has exactly what you’re looking for.

We made it our mission to find the very best designer consignment stores online. We have purchased items from all of the online consignment shops listed here and we guarantee a pleasurable experience every time. Whether you’re looking for consignment handbags or even if you want to sell your luxury items online with low fees, these sites have what you need.

Scroll down to instantly browse our list of sites like The Real Real. These high end consignment shops have some of the rarest designer pieces in the world, making it truly worth checking out their entire collections. Our personal favorite handbag consignment shop online is Baghunter, so we suggest you start there!


Sites like Baghunter

Official Site

If you’re looking for pre-owned Hermes & Chanel bags online, there’s no better place to find them than at Baghunter. They are the best designer bag consignment shop on the internet with one of the largest collections available. They only sell bags in store fresh or excellent condition and they have amazing prices, allowing you to get luxury for less. Discover hundreds of Hermes and Chanel bags at Baghunter now!


Sites like Snobswap

Official Site

Another good option among the sites like The Real Real is SnobSwap. This luxury consignment shop has a smaller selection than Baghunter, but has rare finds that you won’t find anywhere else. Their pricing is decent, allowing you to save while shopping for designer handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Visit SnobSwap right now if you’re looking for high end consignment stores online.

Yoogi’s Closet

Sites like The Real Real

Official Site

Yoogi’s Closet is a great place to buy, sell and consign designer handbags online. They have a nice collection available for sale and their prices are pretty good too. Yoogi’s Closet provides a 30-day return policy, allowing you to return any pieces that just aren’t a right fit for you. Check out Yoogi’s Closet now if you’re looking for used designer clothing, handbags, accessories and more on the internet.


Sites like Fashionphile

Official Site

Fashionphile is another one of the great sites like The Real Real. They have a huge collection that accounts to over 50 different designer brands. While they don’t specialize in just one brand, they have a bit of everything. This is also great if you’re looking to consign items from various designer brands. However, if you want to consign Hermes bags or Chanel bags online, you will get better rates with Baghunter.


Sites like rebagg

Official Site

Rebagg is another luxury online consignment shop that lets you get paid for your designer brand bags. You can choose to either sell your bags on consignment or get paid immediately by selling them directly to Rebagg. Rebagg has an excellent customer service, allowing you to benefit from live chat. They can also be contacted via phone or email. Take a look at Rebagg right now if you’re looking to sell your bags online.

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