8 Battle Strategy Games Like Age Of Empires

Update - 2018.01.03

Age of Empires is one of the top build and battle games ever created. Made by Big Huge Games and first released in 1997, this RTS (real time strategy) game is available on Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Android, iPhone, and more. This game covers numerous eras. Age of Empires starts in the gritty stone age, and as you progress, works its way all the way up to the unforgiving Iron Age. As you advance through time, you will also visit locations from around the world like Africa, Europe and Asia. The Age of Empires games can take anywhere between 20-70 hours to complete.

There are a lot of online strategy war games in the Age of Empires collection. This franchise has been releasing new content every few years, for the past 20 years. Every game in the Age of Empire franchise brings new characters, new returns to the past, new surroundings, and new battle features. Age of Empires has covered everything from the Roman empire to the Spanish conquest. This game is slow paced and it gives you the freedom to make your own choices. No matter how you work on your civilization, eventually you’ll become a bigger threat than your foes.

In Age of Empires, you will start at the bottom. Your weapons will be weak, your buildings will be feeble, and your soldiers will be easily defeatable. Gather resource’s, gold, and experience points to level up and create new objects, buildings, and defenses. Once you’ve reached a certain point in the game, you will be able to upgrade to a future time. Each new area gives you unique quests too, so there’s always something new to do in this game that keeps evolving. This evolving aspect is a fun part of gaming. If you like these kinds of games, you’ll love the games listed below. Work hard, battle strong, and watch the world change around you with these games like Age of Empires.

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology must be the first game found among war strategy games like Age of Empires. This game is an AOE spinoff. Age of Mythology was first released in 2002 by Microsoft Games with numerous expansions. It will take you about 25 hours to finish the main games and 10-15 to finish the expansions. This game takes its inspiration from the Greeks, Egyptians, and the Norse and features legends and myths found throughout history, instead of memorable era’s like in Age of Empires. Age of Mythology might be different with its storyline and quests but its gameplay and basic functions are very similar to Age of Empires. In this game, you need to gather resources to feed and supply your workers and army. You also need to strategize so you can defeat your foes when they attack.

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Rise of Nations

Since you’re searching for build battle games, we must mention this game similar to Age of Empires called Rise of Nations. Rise of Nations is another game created by Big Huge Games. This game features 8 ages through time, 18 different playable civilizations, and about 20 hours of gameplay. Rise of Nations is ranked one of the best online strategy games of all times. This RST game is also playable on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Rise of Nations has one key element, which is to protect your territory. Your territory is your settlement and the area around it. Build defenses, raise an army, and don’t forget simple necessities like food, water, and shelter. As you progress through the game, you will be able to advance to more modern ages. With each advance comes new opponents, better weapons, and more luxurious items for your well being.

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Civilization must be also added to our list of real time strategy games like Age of Empires. This is a MicroProise game available on Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and more. The first Civilization game released in 1991 and the latest game, called Civilization VI, was just released in 2016. This game series has a lot of spin offs and expansions. All the Civilization games share a common way to play and all of them center on building from an early time to a long, long, way in the future. Use your resources and armies to achieve a certain level of culture, rank higher scores, win by military conquest, and build bigger and better buildings. The entire Civilization series has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Get your copy now to join in on the evolution and battles found in Civilization.

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A great game found on our list of games like Age of Empires is a game simply known as Empire. This addition to our list of build battle games is free to play, alone or with a community of players online. Empire is for browser only. This game created by Good Game Studios puts you smack dab in the medieval age. Your job is to build your empire from the ground up, come up with battle techniques, trade with other players, and more. At the beginning, you will be challenged to a fight. When you start to rise in the ranks, you will notice fewer fights and more enemies that need to think twice before attacking you. This game has a strong focus on strategy. If you think you can position an army and come up with the best combat strategies, you should give this game called Empire a try.

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The Cossacks game series began in 2000 and since then, GSC Game World has released 7 games and expansions. This alternative to Age of Empires is available on Windows and Linux operating systems. Cossacks is a game set in the 17th and 18th century Europe. You will find a lot in this game. 100 technologies, 220 historical buildings and 120 types of units are just a few things to be found in this game. Cossacks lets up to 8 settlements join together which can create armies that rise to the thousands. Work together to strategize your close and ranged attacks and your ballistics through the chat feature. Be sure to remember the terrain bonus goals to win huge rewards. There are 20 playable nations to discover in this free game. Create a profile now to start travelling through the ages.

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Battle Ages

Battle Ages is a fun addition to our list of war strategy games like AOE. This game is created by 505Games and available on PS4, Xbox One, and your Android and iOS tablets and phones. Battle Ages is free to play online with additional content available for purchase, but it’s not required to play. This game will have you journey through 6 district eras through time, with more to be added soon. Like the other games like AOE on our list, you must lead a civilization, collect coins, upgrade your buildings, and strategize your attacks. Battle Ages lets you choose from over 20 units, 15 different spells, 11 traps, and more than 50 unique buildings to make your settlement your own. Almost every item and character in Battle Ages has the possibility to be upgraded, which will change its appearance. Don’t forget to join a clan so you can get extra bonuses and help with your battles.

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Anno Online

Ubisoft is the creator of this game called Anno Online. This addition to our list of alternatives to Age of Empires is one of cutest free online strategy games. Anno Online is only available on your browser. When you begin this game, you will start on a small island with minimal resources, as you progress, you will move onto bigger and better things like metropolises filled with life. Your job is to grow your settlement, expand your country, and manage things like economics. Since September 2017, this game has been put to a stop. There will be no further development to the Anno Online game and the special events are now over, but the game is still available to play online and there’s still a massive community working on their personal civilizations.

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Empire Earth

Empire Earth is the last addition to our list of games like Age of Empire. This Sierra game was released in 2001. It might be one of the oldest games on our list but it’s well worth the play if you like RST games. Empire Earth is only available on Windows and it can be played alone or online with a massive community of players. Empire Earth needs you to populate your civilization, gather resources, build homes and defenses, and conquer your enemies’ strongholds. This game spans over 500,000 years of history and its divided into 14 different eras. Empire Earth starts in the prehistoric age and finishes in the nano age. Different items, units, and buildings can be found in each era. Start playing this 3D game now to discover all evolutions throughout the game.

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