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At G2A, you can buy games online for cheap. Purchase CD keys at a fraction of the cost.

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G2A Review

G2A is one of the best places to buy cheap Steam keys and console games online. Without paying for a hard copy version, you can save a ton of money. Purchase new downloadable game keys and enjoy PC and console gaming at a fraction of the cost.

Speed of Delivery
Quality of Games
Security Measures
Payment Options
  • Save up to 90% on video games
  • Find the newest releases for cheap
  • Xbox, PS4 and PC games available
  • Huge selection of games
  • Instant download for most games
  • G2A has excellent security measures for preventing fraud
  • Sellers without G2A shield are a higher risk factor
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At G2A, you can buy games online for cheap. Purchase CD keys at a fraction of the cost.

G2A is an online marketplace for buying and selling CD keys. If you wish to purchase video games, you should avoid spending $70+ each by saving up to 90% off at G2A. While some people wonder “is G2A safe?”, the simple answer is yes. However, as with any online marketplace, you should always take precautions. Read our full G2A review below to learn how you can save big when buying video games online and how you can get cheap Steam keys right now!

What is G2A?

G2A is essentially a marketplace similar to eBay where buyers and sellers come together. If you have an unused CD key that you would like to sell, you can get paid for it through G2A. Likewise, if you wish to buy games without paying full retail price, G2A will allow you to find tons of sellers who are getting rid of unused game keys. With millions of monthly users, G2A is the largest and most popular game sale site on the internet.

g2a review

One of the best things about buying cheap Steam keys and console games via G2A is that the savings are unlike anywhere else. You can buy brand new games for over 90% off and they work the same as they would when buying them from a local retailer. The only difference is that you do not own a physical copy of the game, which makes it impossible for you to resell it at a later time or share it with friends.

Is G2A Legit?

Many people wonder “is G2A legit?” or “is G2A safe?”. The simple answer is yes. G2A is a safe place to purchase game keys online. However, G2A does not sell any actual games, all games are sold from individual sellers. This is the same as with eBay – eBay does not sell anything, it’s all handled by individual sellers.

This leaves you with the responsibility to only buy games online from verified and trustworthy sellers. It’s easy to recognize a quality seller by checking out their feedback. Most reputable sellers will have sold thousands of games and their feedback will be nearly 100% positive.

g2a review

If you take a look at the above screenshot, we purchased a brand new game (at the time of writing this G2A review) for just under $15 and the game itself originally retails for over $70. The transaction went very smoothly and we instantly received the CD key and it worked as promised. If you take a look at the seller’s feedback, it’s 100% positive and they received over 28,000 feedback ratings to date. This is the type of seller that you’ll want to buy from.

What is G2A Shield?

One of the services you may be interested in paying for if you plan on buying a lot of game keys on G2A is G2A Shield. For just about $3 per month, you will only be shown deals from verified sellers, and you will get to enjoy a ton of other benefits as well.

g2a shield

G2A Shield provides you with one-contact resolution, so if you ever run into any issues, they get dealt with immediately. Their 24/7 live chat support will provide you with even more assistance if needed. To make things even more interesting, G2A Shield can provide you with up to 10% cashback, which you can either spend towards more games or withdraw for real money. If you’re a serious gamer, you should definitely invest in G2A Shield. Not only will it keep you protected, but it will also allow you to save more money.

G2A Payment Options

One of the best things about G2A is that you can pay with many different options. You aren’t limited to paying with just credit cards. G2A accepts PayPal payments, Bitcoins, WebMoney, Skrill, Paysafe as well as all major credit card companies.

g2a review

If you can refer G2A to friends and family members, you can also earn a small percentage from every purchase they make as well, which you can either use towards games or withdraw. While writing this G2A review, we paid with PayPal and the entire process went very smoothly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering “is G2A legit?”, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If security is truly an issue, invest towards G2A shield and always make sure that you purchase from verified sellers with amazing feedback. When working on this G2A review, we purchased a total of 6 different games over various gaming platforms and all purchases were made from different sellers. All 6 transactions went perfectly without any issues whatsoever. We encourage you to buy games online from G2A if you want to save a ton of money on video games.


At G2A, you can buy games online for cheap. Purchase CD keys at a fraction of the cost.

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