Freelancer Review – Work From Home Online

Freelancer Review – Work From Home Online

Hire a freelancer or work online from home at Freelancer.

8.3 Total Score
Freelancer Review

Freelancer is one of the best freelancing sites online. It has thousands of jobs listed on a daily basis and provides amazing features. Security measures for both clients and freelancers provide a safe and enjoyable online working environment.

Amount of Jobs
Ease of Use
Job Categories
Payment Security
Feedback System
  • Free to join
  • Rich in features
  • Massive job database
  • Excellent profile areas & feedback system
  • 20+ million registered users
  • Upgrading your account gets pricey
  • Skills tests require you to pay
  • Landing jobs is more difficult for newcomers
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As one of the best freelancing sites online, Freelancer has online jobs for everyone. We created this Freelancer review for clients and freelancers, so you can find out what it’s like to hire employees and work online at Freelancer. Keep reading to find out about all of their amazing features and excellent job opportunities.

Creating an Account

When you first get started, you’ll want to create an account. This is a free process and you can continue using Freelancer for free for as long as you like. However, if you’re serious about using Freelancer on a regular basis, you will most likely want to upgrade your account. There are many options available when upgrading your account, so you can pick a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Freelancer prices

Of course, you can always stick with the free plan, but we highly recommend upgrading if you really want to increase your chances of getting hired. The higher plan you choose, the more bids you can use per month, the more skills you can add to your profile and much more. It’s truly worth considering!

Finding Jobs

While working on this Freelancer review, we actually applied for jobs. We took on a few jobs in order to really see what the experience is like. We found job hunting to be rather simple and easy to do, but as a newcomer, getting hired is way more difficult. For each job with applied for, there were dozens of other applicants. As a newcomer, you’ll start off with no feedback and no experience, making it difficult to compete with freelancers who have great feedback and star ratings.

When you first start out, you’ll want to bid low in order to get hired. Complete a few low-paid jobs to build up your feedback and rating. Then you can move on towards higher paying jobs when you actually have a solid profile with decent feedback from previous clients.

One of the things we love about Freelancer is their massive amount of categories. You can literally find work online in any niche or department known to mankind. They even allow you to find local jobs, removing all barriers imaginable.

Freelancer categories

Whether you’re looking for work as a professional translator, a freelance writer or even if you want to work online in engineering, you’ll find something at Freelancer. Likewise, as a client you will be able to find employers for pretty much all types of work. One of the really cool features available at Freelancer is their contests. Contests let freelancers give their best shot and you pick the winner. For instance, if you’re looking for a website logo, you will receive dozens of creative logos for aspiring freelancers, then you pick the best creations.

Profiles & Feedback

One of the major parts of Freelancer is their feedback system. Freelancers build their profile areas by gaining feedback from clients. The more jobs they complete, the more feedback they receive. After a few jobs, it’s easy to tell whether or not a freelancer takes their work seriously, if they meet deadlines and if they provide high quality work.

Profile areas are also a great way to share portfolio items such as articles you wrote outside of Freelancer. Furthermore, all certifications received via the Freelancer Skills Tests will be displayed on your profile, allowing clients to see all of your expertise in various studies.

One of the really cool things on Freelancer is that as you perform actions on the site, such as editing bids or completing your profile, you will earn credits. These credits can be redeemed for a few different things such as replenishing your bids, highlighting your bids and even taking skills tests for free.

Hiring on Freelancer

If you’re a client looking to hire an employee through Freelancer, you will truly find the process enjoyable. With over 20 million active users, you will receive plenty of bids within minutes of listing the job. Plus, you can purchase add-on perks such as having a Freelancer recruiter find the perfect candidate for the job.

Freelancer job Freelancer job postings

Communicating with employees is also very enjoyable. The messaging system is well-built and is actually quite similar to the Facebook messaging system. This makes it highly intuitive for most users and allows you to easily stay in contact with the employees or clients.


A normal part of working online is running into issues with either the employee or the client. Most misunderstandings can easily be resolved through the integrated disputes system. This allows both parties to identify the issue at hand and share their own evidence to back up their story. Once the steps are complete, a Freelance support member will then make a final decision and settle the dispute.

Freelancer disputes

Disputes are said to be resolved rather quickly. While we did not have the chance to experience a dispute while writing this Freelancer review, we asked around in forums and we even contacted Freelancer directly. A member of their team told us that most disputes get settled in under a week.

Final Verdict

Overall, Freelancer is one of the best freelancing sites online. It lets you work from home online in many different categories. They are trustworthy and getting paid is quick and simple. Once you build up a solid reputation on Freelancer, you will be able to get hired for really high-paying jobs, allowing you to make this your full-time job. Whether you want to find freelance jobs online or even if you want to hire a freelancer, this is one of the best online job sites worth discovering!

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