4 Parenting Sites Like Mr. Dad

Update - 2018.01.01

MrDad.com is one of the great dad blogs on the internet. It’s more than just a blog, it actually lets readers ask questions and get responses to their inquiries about parenting. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to potty train your child or even if you want to know about the best strollers on the market, Mr. Dad is where you want to be.

As one of the best dad blogs on the internet, Mr. Dad brings you all sorts of great information. You’ll find advice for fathers, expectant parents and even tips for moms. Mr. Dad also provides reviews for products and services that cater to parents.

Mr. Dad is one of the top dad blogs online, but there are many other great dad blogs worth discovering. We went digging to find sites like Mr. Dad. We came up with some pretty awesome parenting blogs. Scroll down to find out all about them!


8bitdad sites like

Official Site

8BitDad is one of the great dad blogs online. This site is co-founded by two dads with kids and they love geeky stuff. You’ll often find articles revolving around video games and sci-fi on this website. However, you’ll also find a ton of parenting articles with tips on how to raise your kids with ease. 8BitDad also creates amazingly funny content like reasons why you shouldn’t leave your kids alone with their dads!

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Designer Daddy

sites like designer daddy

Official Site

Designer Daddy is an awesome dad blog that you won’t want to miss out on if you have kids. DesignerDaddy brings you into the life of this father who blogs about his vacations, daily events with the family and even tips on how to get creative with your kids. This blog is worth visiting because there’s a ton of great ideas for kids and parents to bond together and make cool things!


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Dad or Alive

dad or alive sites like blogs

Official Site

Another awesome dad blog to discover is Dad or Alive. This blog is extremely funny, but also provides parents with great information on raising children. The dad behind Dad or Alive shares his personal stories with the world and he often uploads a ton of great photos of him and his family. Dad or Alive also has numerous interviews to read and the dad published his own book.

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Canadian Dad

sites like canadian dad blog

Official Site

Canadian Dad is, you guesses it, a dad from Canada. This guy is awesome and often has free giveaways, making it well worth checking out his site on a regular basis. Canadian Dad has an active Facebook profile and he has a few interviews with interesting people. He too shares great parenting tips, articles about his outings with the family and product reviews. Check out Canadian Dad if you’re a parent!

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