5 Website Auction Sites Like Flippa

Update - 2018.01.01

Flippa is one of the leading places to buy and sell websites online. Whether you’re looking for a place that makes selling websites quick and easy or even if you want to buy website domains, you’re going to love Flippa. This website and domain marketplace allows you to set up free listings or you can sell your websites via their auction listings.

Sites like Flippa are amazing because they get millions of visitors per day and allow you to quickly sell your website. Flippa is great for flipping websites and flipping domains as well. However, when you want to see a website through Flippa using their auctions, you will have to pay for a listing fee.

We searched for the best Flippa alternatives online and we made some pretty amazing discoveries. Our list of sites like Flippa is going to get you buying and selling websites online with ease. Scroll down to view the entire list!


igloo sites like flippa

Official Site

Igloo is one of the best sites like Flippa online. This domain marketplace lets you easily list domains for sale or you can browse the available domains to purchase them. Igloo takes a 15% commission on all domain sales, but the seller is the one who pays the fees, so if you’re buying sites, you won’t have to worry about it. Plus, Igloo gets millions of monthly viewers, making it one of the best Flippa alternatives.

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bido sites like flippa

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Bido a very simple looking website that allows you to buy and sell websites and domains online. As one of the leading sites like Flippa, Bido has a ton of traffic on a daily basis, allowing you to get lots of views on your ads. If you want to sell your websites quickly, you’re going to love using Bido as your website selling marketplace. The commission fee ranges between 6 – 12% depending on whether it’s a website or domain.

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buysellwebsite sites like flippa

Official Site

BuySellWebsite is a beautifully designed website selling marketplace. With millions of monthly visitors, this site really has a ton of eyes searching for new sites and domain names. You’ll be able to get thousands of views for your ads every single week and the selling process is simple. Listing your website for sale with BuySellWebsite costs $39 for a 2-week listing and $59 for a 3-month listing.

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dealasites sites like flippa

Official Site

DealASite is a wonderful place to buy and sell websites online. If you have a domain or a website that you would like to get rid of, this is one of the best places to list it for sale. DealASite gets a ton of traffic every single day, making it easy for people to find out about your website for sale. DealASite has a nice design layout and makes browsing the available websites for sale a breeze.

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Official Site

WebsiteBroker is one of the best sites like Flippa that allows you to sell your websites for top dollar. This website also makes it easy for you to buy websites at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a way to get into website flipping or even if you want to get rid of a domain name that has been sitting around for years, WebsiteBroker is one of the best Flippa alternatives worth considering.

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  1. Another great platform to add to list would be http://flipbrand.com (FlipBrand) which focuses on websites & domains.

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