11 House Rental Sites Like Airbnb

One of the greatest things about sites like Airbnb is being able to travel like you actually live in various locations. Airbnb lets you rent a room in any country from Airbnb hosts. Whether you’re looking for Airbnb hotels or Airbnb apartments, this site has it all.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb makes it simple for you to find vacation homes for rent in any area of the globe. There are many Airbnb competitors that allow you to find great vacation rooms at cheap rates and we decided to make it our mission to find all of the best sites like Airbnb.

With our amazing collection of Airbnb alternatives, you will be able to travel the world at its best. Scroll down to instantly browse all of the best sites like Air Bed and Breakfast. These websites are free to use, so you won’t have to pay a dime for their services.


HomeAway is an excellent place for finding homes away from home. Rent whole villas, rental houses, apartments and more. Best of all, you can upgrade to whole vacations, which allow you to experience numerous perks that aren’t available on other sites like Airbnb. HomeAway is easy to use and is one of the very popular travel sites. If you’re looking for a home rental, you’ll want to look into HomeAway straight away!


FlipKey is one of the largest rental properties website on the internet. Whether you want to list a property for sale or even if you want to find rental homes in your next vacation location, FlipKey is excellent to use. Over 300,000 rental homes are featured on FlipKey, making it easier than ever for you to find vacation rentals in area region. Discover the amazing rental opportunities at FlipKey today.


Whether you want to travel to Spain, NYC or even Tuscany, 9Flats has a place for you to stay. As one of the leading sites like Airbnb, 9Flats is extremely popular with millions of weekly users. Affordable vacation deals and pricing discounts are available so you can save a ton of money with your next house rentals. Find homes, rooms, apartments and much more with this Airbnb competitor.


Tripping is one of the travel sites that you’ll certainly want to visit if you love simplicity of use. One of the great things about Tripping is that it aggregates information from numerous other travel sites, making it easy for you to compare rates, perks and more. Whether you want to plan your next family vacation abroad or even if you want to rent a home in your own country, Tripping can make it happen!


Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) is one of the great Airbnb alternatives. If you’re looking for a room rental through Airbnb, but just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, you’ll definitely want to make VRBO your second stop. This website has tons of room rentals, apartment rentals and even house rentals. Simply type in a location, date and amount of guests to instantly find excellent vacation rentals.


couchsurfing airbnb alternatives

CouchSurfing is the ultimate Airbnb alternative for people who want to travel the world in great simplicity. At heart, this travel site lets you sleep on the couches of random people. However, it’s also great for finding rooms for rent and other types of basic vacation rentals. If you want affordable travel solutions and if you enjoy the traveling in simplicity, you’re going to love using CouchSurfing.


Roomorama lets you find room rentals in all areas of the globe. Similar to Airbnb, this site is simple to use and loaded with people who will let you into their homes. If you want to see the world and new places as a native, you’re going to love Roomorama. Choose from stylish modern homes to basic dwellings and a more traditional feel. Start your room rental searches right now to begin exploring the world!


Another one of the excellent sites like Airbnb is TravelMob. This travel website lets you search for private rooms, apartments, exotic villas and much more. Whether you want to travel in high luxury style or even if you want the basics in life, TravelMob is going to make it happen. This site is one of the biggest Airbnb competitors online and is definitely worth checking out for your next travels.


While OneFineStay is similar to Airbnb, it’s a little different because it specializes in helping you find luxury room rentals. If you want to find the best rooms, apartments, houses and villas from all over the world, you’re going to love using OneFineStay. Choose between various types of rooms such as for work, for families, prestigious rooms and explorer rooms. OneFineStay is the best place for luxury travel.


Another among the best sites like Airbnb is Wimdu. This travel website makes it simple for you to find the best city apartments in the largest cities in the world. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for on Airbnb NYC or Airbnb LA, you’re going to want to check on Wimdu. Wimdu specializes in helping you find apartment rentals in Europe and they have deals up to 70% off each room.


Rentalo is a very simple as a travel website, but it features a ton of properties, making it an ideal place to look. You’ll be able to find a bed and breakfast in pretty much any area of the world, making this one of the ideal Airbnb alternatives. Enter the location, date and amount of guests for your next vacation and you will instantly be able to find tons of great locations. Many sorting tools are also available.

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