What is FreeSitesLike?

FreeSitesLike is a collection of similar websites and site reviews. We gather alternatives for as many websites and online stores as possible so you can always have a ton of options to choose from. We also provide honest reviews so you can know exactly what to expect from each platform.


Do you cover websites exclusively?

Absolutely not! We also cover online stores, businesses, services, software and companies of all genres.


Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

Very good question! We won’t beat around the bush – most newsletters are boring, but not ours! We send you just 2 emails per week:

  1. The first email we send is a completely random list that you won’t ever find on our website. It’s entirely exclusive for subscribers and can be about mysterious happenings, odd products, funny fails or just about anything we can come up with.
  2. The second email we send is a weekly recap of the newest and most popular lists of the week.


How much does it cost?

Good News – It’s Entirely Free!! All of FreeSitesLike is 100% free at all times!


How often do you release new lists of alternatives?

We aim to publish anywhere between 3 to 10 new lists every single week. You can subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on our latest content.


You added my website to one of your lists, can I link back to it from my website and share it on social media?

Absolutely! As long as you don’t copy our article and paste it on your own website, we will be more than happy to have you share our lists! If you do want to re-publish the same article on your website, we ask that you contact us first in order to ensure that you clearly mention that the content was originally created by us.


You talked about my business and I don’t like it. How do I get the mention of my business removed from FreeSitesLike?

Our goal is to provide as many resources as possible for our users. However, if you wish to not have your business listed on our platform, send us a quick email at: info@freesiteslike.com and we will take it down within 24 hours.

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