7 Online Insurance Companies Like Aflac

There’s nothing more important than having a backup in case something happens to a loved one. A health situation can come fast and if you don’t have any insurance you might not be able to get the help you need. Luckily, Aflac can help.

With Aflac, you can have a peace of mind so you can enjoy the happy joys of life. This online insurance company can help individuals, families, employers, brokers, and agents with multiple insurance policies to suit everyone’s needs.

Aflac is also an avid contributor to charity. They have donated more than $110 million dollars to charities that fight children’s cancer. This fortune 500 company has its priorities straight and knows that to succeed you have to give back. If you need more information about online insurance quotes, browse this list of companies like Aflac.


Allstate is one of the leading online insurance companies. Whatever kind of insurance you’re looking for, Allstate can help you with it. This company is a lot more than a basic insurance provider, as they aim to provide you with a worry-free way of life. Insurance quotes are made easy with Allstate as they do the work to find the best available options. Allstate Insurance also has an app called QuickTrip. This app makes your life simpler, it optimizes your everyday routines to help you get the most out of life. The support staff is absolutely amazing and can quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.


HealthPlans is one of the top medical additions to companies like Aflac. This website focuses on health and savings. If you want information about insurance basics, government discounts, Obamacare, and all things Medicare, HealthPlans is the first site you should visit. This site offers top notch information and also lets you find a perfect insurance plan for you. Finding the best quote is easy with HealthPlans. Fill out a form, view and compare your suggestions, and pick the one that best for you. It only takes a few minutes to start saving on all your health related expenses.

Spirit Dental

Dental is something we all need and can’t always afford. SpiritDental gives you a calming feeling when it comes to thinking about the fees related to your teeth. Did you know that SpiritDental also has vision plans? This means that you can kill two birds with one stone with this website among Aflac recommendations. You can’t wait when you’re in pain or are stressing your eyes. These things are important. With SpiritDental you will be relieved of your troubles that much quicker. All you have to do is make an appointment. No need to wait weeks to save up enough money to pay for the work. Implants and major services are also covered.


Those who have pets know that they are part of the family. The problem is that if your furry friend gets sick or breaks a bone the price is sometimes too high which eventually leads to euthanasia. With PetPlan you will be relieved to know that you can save your four-legged family member. This addition to online insurance companies must be browsed by anyone who owns a pet. With PetPlan you can customize your wants and needs. This way the coverage you pick is exactly what your pet needs. Reimbursements are easy, PetPlan simply asks you to take a picture of your bill and send it in. That’s it!


Careington prides itself on caring. This website similar to the other companies like Aflac has it all. It is a single-source solution for every insurance plan you might need. Dental, life, car, travel, health, vision, prescriptions, and more. This insurance company has over 150 solutions for your well being. The savings are just a bonus. If you’re an individual or a business owner take a few minutes to browse the solutions available on Careington.


Esurance is an easy to use site similar to Aflac. This site lets you enter a few details about what kind of insurance you’re looking for to get the cheapest insurance quotes available. If you need car insurance quotes online or medical quotes, Esurance can help. This site can give you discounted quotes for your motor vehicles, medical, or life insurance. Just because the prices are low doesn’t mean you won’t be satisfied. You’ll have a clear conscience knowing that your loved ones are taken care of and your wallet too.

Get My Insurance

GetMyInsurance is the best place to find insurance like Aflac. This website will compare quotes from a multitude of companies all in one place. The results are easy to read and comprehend. The rest is up to you. You might have been with the same company for years but did you know you could save more by switching providers and still have the same coverage? If you’ve just bought a new car or move out of your home state, you might need to find a better offer. With GetMyInsurance you know that you’ll always find the lowest price possible for your needs. Insurance companies revise their prices every few months, this list is always up to date so you know what you get is what you’ll actually be paying for. The money you save can be used to treat yourself and your loved ones.

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