Your Ultimate JUUL Guide By VaporDNA

The ease of vaping has led millions of people to take an interest in it, causing the industry to produce hundreds of new products. Many of these new vape products are extremely popular, not least of which is the Juul. 

Juuls are new, but you’ve likely heard of them or seen one in use. They’re a small, rectangular device that seems like something from the future. We’re going to go over the Juul and its value.

These aren’t devices that are nicotine only, so you’ll need to find another product if you’re trying to use cannabis. If nicotine is your aim, though, check out our Juul guide to get started.

The Ultimate Guide Juul Guide

The Juul was created to help smokers ease off or quit cigarettes. The original e-cigarette had smoking cessation in mind as well, although many smokers find that vapes don’t provide enough “throat hit” or nicotine to curb their cravings. 

Juuls allow the user to control temperature, and the nicotine levels they contain are comparable to that of cigarettes. Many users find that the Juul is one of a few devices that can actually compare to smoking, providing a similar nicotine experience.

It’s no wonder that they have become so popular because of this. Additionally, the product is sleek and discrete. Many vape mods are bulky and need a lot of maintenance and work. The Juul, however, is only a few inches long and only requires that you change out the pod here and there. 

Click here to learn more specifics about the Juul. We’ll go over more specifics about the device in the following sections.

Anatomy of the Juul

There are two functional parts of the Juul that users have to engage with; the shell and the pod. 

The shell is aluminum and encloses the lithium battery, the intake sensor, and a circuit board to control the device. It’s a pretty simple setup, but it’s streamlined to be sleek and effective. 

A magnetic base is also attached to the shell to keep the Juul in place when it’s charging on a wall. The pod is the component of the Juul that holds the liquid. 

These pods consist of plastic covers, a vapor path, an atomizer, and e-liquids. Pods are replaceable, so you should discard them after use. They’re tiny pieces of equipment, and allow you to have a fresh-tasting vapor with each new pod. 

Pods come in a number of different flavors, ranging from Virginia Tobacco to Fruit Medley. You can change out the flavors as you see fit, even swapping out Juulpods before one finishing one. 

The result of all these pieces is a product that fits comfortably in any pocket, is discrete, and provides an enjoyable experience.

Interested in Finding a Juul?

Hopefully, this Juul guide was the kick you needed to get interested in trying one. Juuls could be the first step in you getting completely off of cigarettes, and that’s always a good thing. 

If you’re looking for a place to pick up a Juul or other vape device online, check out our shopping blog for ideas on where you can save money today.  

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