Why You Need a Custom Patch on Your Hat (Now!)

Did you know that the type of hat you wear can reflect your personality?

That’s right — it’s a fact that was recognized as long ago as 1890.

If you want to take your hat-wearing a step further and show off something you really believe in, adding a custom hat patch is a great choice. It’s a fun way to represent anything from your favorite sports team to your small business.

Keep reading to find out exactly why you need a custom patch.

Represent Your Favorite Sports Team

Want to rep your team with something other than a shirt or bumper sticker?

A custom hat patch shows others that you’re a fan and you could even customize it to add details about your favorite player, or a funny quote, chant, or slogan.

If you often go to games with friends, think about buying patches for the whole group!

Make a Political Statement

Got a big political issue you really care about? Or a local candidate you want to support?

A hat patch is an effective way to show your affiliation and could start some interesting conversations. A patch is subtle enough that it won’t feel too ‘in your face’, but noticeable enough to get people talking.

Avoid anything too controversial or inflammatory so that you don’t cause offense or get in trouble.

If you’re part of a local political group or have politically like-minded friends, you could invest in multiple patches to share.

Show Off Your Favourite Hobby

Do you love fishing? Swimming? Table tennis? Darts?

Whatever your hobby is, creating a related custom hat patch helps you to share it with the world. You could add an image that represents your passion, a funny slogan, or a simple, one-word design.

Hat patches work especially well if you enjoy an outdoor hobby that requires you to wear a hat, like hiking or jogging.

Promote Your Small Business

Running a small business and want some easy promo?

Wearing or selling your own custom hat patches is a great way to drum up business. All you need to do is turn your existing logo into a patch, then wear it out and about as much as possible.

You could sell patches in your store or give them away as promotional gifts for regular customers. Ask friends and family to wear the patches around the local area to increase brand awareness.

One simple hat patch could turn into lots of business.

Should You Add a Custom Patch to Your Hat?

Still not sure whether to add a custom patch to your hat or not?

As well as helping you to make a unique fashion statement, custom hat patches are a great way to share your passions, make political statements, and promote small businesses.

Hat patches are very affordable, so there’s no harm in trying one out and then deciding what you think. We think you’ll be a fan!

Want more tips on expressing yourself through fashion? Check out our clothing section today.

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