What the Divorce Process Actually Looks Like In Practice

Getting divorced is always one of the most heartwrenching things that people go through. It robs many people of a sense of purpose since they were all-in on the relationship and family. There’s also a lot of emotional trauma that comes with ending such a relationship, and you can stand to lose a lot of money. 

Divorces are present at about a 2.31 per 1,000 population rate. This means that there’s a strong possibility that you could get divorced someday. If so, you’ll want to be prepared. 

Here are some things that you should know about the divorce process and how it’s likely to play out for you. 

Discuss the Divorce

Think about the relationship and why you’re considering a divorce. This is a time when you make up your mind on whether you have a broken marriage or if you’d like to work on it. It might be worthwhile to attend counseling to work through the relationship or to figure out some workable compromises. 

Above all, communicate your concerns to your spouse so that you know where each other stands. If you’re thinking of divorce, let them know. If they are, let them know whether you’re on the same page. Leave no stone unturned so that you can confidently move toward divorce if this is what you decide. 

File Divorce Paperwork

The divorce process doesn’t formally begin until someone files paperwork. Each state has its own requirements for a spouse filing petition for divorce. Some states require you to wait and observe a separation period of 6 months to a year before filing for divorce. 

Figure out if you’re going to file for divorce or if you’re going to respond to your spouse’s filing. Follow your state’s procedures for serving them paperwork, and make sure they’re aware of your first court date. 


Hire Lawyers to Represent You 

It’ll take a great divorce lawyer to win your case. Consult with a lawyer as early as possible to get advice on how you should strategize and move forward. Think about your reasons for divorce so that you have official grounds to file. 

The best divorce lawyer will assess your situation and help you file on grounds that are most advantageous to you. Learn whether you live in a fault divorce or no-fault divorce state.

The way that your case is presented can give you entirely different outcomes. A cooperative, irreconcilable differences divorce will play out differently than one where one or both parties are claiming spousal abuse. Find out how much the lawyer charges, and lock in a contract that you can afford. 

You’ll Likely Have Several Hearings Before Settling

Finally, expect to stand before the judge several times even before a trial is set. Divorce trials are private and low-key when compared to other civil cases. It typically only involves you and your spouse, both of your legal representation, and the judge. 


It’s often best to work with mediators so that you can settle everything outside of court. This ends up being cheaper and helps you and your spouse come up with compromises that work. 

Learn the Divorce Process

These tips above will help you know the divorce process and how it plays out in everyday life. A divorce is a tough time no matter how you slice it. Understanding the points in this article will give you a realistic picture of what happens when you dissolve your marriage. 

Use these tips and check out our other posts related to life, family, law, and other issues. 

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