What Matters When It Comes to Jewelry Quality?

We know, we know. At this point, it’s just clich√© to remind jewelry lovers that all that glitters isn’t gold. However, with so many options on the market these days that claim to be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, it’s easy to get confused by it all.

No one wants a necklace that will turn their skin green. Or worse, to find out that their wedding jewelry is fake when they go to pawn it off for an emergency.

So, how can you discern jewelry quality like a pro? Here are the things that matter the most.

What Do Real Precious Metals Look Like?

Many rings and necklaces you find on the jewelry market these days advertise themselves as gold or silver. How can you tell the difference between something that’s plated in one of these precious metals and something made from them?

There are a few tests you can conduct that won’t harm the jewelry pieces themselves. You can examine them for a stamped mark that indicates the karat count or the percentage of sterling silver.

Alternatively, you can expose the ring to a magnet. Something made from real precious metals will not be magnetic, making it the best test for physical, in-store products.

Precious Stones vs Semi-Precious Stones: What’s the Difference?

Another important distinction you need to understand is the difference between precious stones and semi-precious stones. Precious stones are not inherently more valuable than semi-precious for the most part. However, you will absolutely be able to tell the difference between, say, a diamond ring and one made from cubic zirconia.

Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are harder on the Mohs scale than all other stones. This means that they can resist scratching. Precious stones also tend to have much clearer, more vibrant colors than semi-precious ones.

Thus, the use of precious gemstones tends to be a hallmark of high jewelry quality.

Finding a Reputable Seller in the Jewelry Market

Sadly, there are few consumer protections in place for those who wish to buy jewelry, even at the big stores. When you purchase items online, it gets even more difficult to receive justice if you’ve been ripped off. Think of all the horror stories of people who thought they’d found an affordable gemstone necklace, only for the adhesive to peel off on a hunk of plastic or worthless quartz.

That’s why it’s important to research client reviews and triple-check a jeweler’s sources. This is especially important when you buy wedding rings online.

Many people see their rings as proof of their partner’s love for them. If you don’t give them something high-quality, it can come across like you don’t value them.

What Matters for Jewelry Quality? Let’s Review

So, what matters in terms of determining jewelry quality? First, you need to know how to sort real precious metals from fake ones. Second, you must understand the different types of gemstones available. Lastly, you must research your sellers to ensure that what you buy is going to last for a long time.

If you’d like more information about the latest happenings in the jewelry market, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog for more content like this.

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