What It Means to Be a Bible Based Church

The proportion of Americans who call themselves Christian in the U.S. has fallen to two-thirds, which has continued to drop in the past decade. 

It’s a sign that people are less interested in Christianity and a Bible-based church. They are less interested in attending church services. They are more interested in something else that doesn’t tell them how to live their life. 

But what are Churches getting wrong? Maybe the more important question is what are churches getting right? 

The churches that are getting it right, the churches rooted in fundamental and traditional Christian doctrine believe in one thing – the Bible. 

But what does a Bible based church look like?

Here’s everything you need to know about a Bible based church and why it’s a fundamental part of Christianity. 

The Church Preaches From the Bible

The exegesis is an explanation of the Bible. It’s a critical understanding of it. 

When pastors preach, they should do it from the Bible and with a critical understanding of it. They should be trained to preach what is stated from the Bible and not make it their own personal message.

Preaching is not about being charismatic or being inspirational. It’s not about not being visionary or business-minded. It’s about preaching what is stated in the Bible without error. 

Megachurches are now filled with TV networks, internet broadcasting, and even satellite radio. But none of this fills the true need of the church. It doesn’t fill the need that a congregation needs to hear the word of God. 

It needs to hear the truth of the gospel that comes from the Bible.

It comes from an understanding of the Bible, of what Jesus did on the cross, and how people are sinners. 

If someone visits a church, what is the first thing they notice? Is it the choir? The band? 

It should be none of this. Any visitor should visit a church and walk away with a better understanding of the Bible and what it states about Christianity. This is what it means to be a bible-based church. 

 This also means that elders, deacons, and other leaders in the church are also well-versed in the Bible. They understand what it means, memorize verses, and can train others in what the Bible teaches.

You can find a Bible based church near me, which is near your area and see how the truth of the Bible is taught to Christians and non-Christians alike. 

Bible Study’s and Meetings Are Centered on Learning the Bible

If you attend a Bible-centered church, you’ll find that the worship, the preaching, and the Sunday-school, and bible studies are based on the Bible. 

These churches are focused on getting the most out of the Bible with a careful study of the old and new testaments. They examine Biblical stories, they look at the gospel and what makes the gospel. 

These churches also focus on helping one another grow spiritually in the Bible. They focus on memorizing Bible verses. 

In addition, a Bible-based church doesn’t look at doctrines or creeds to enhance or take away from what the Bible says. They only look at what the Bible says in its entirety. 

As mentioned before, elders and deacons are leaders in these churches. They may lead Bible studies and speak on the authority of the Bible. Given their knowledge, they are often leaders in these studies and speak on the authority of the Bible. 

Bible studies and any kind of church discipline is always taken from the Bible. These churches focus on a verse for verse context as an explanation of any kind in the church and the actions taken. 

Members Are Encouraged to Bring Their Bibles to Church

It’s important to note that members are encouraged to bring their Bibles to church as Bible-centered churches. 

This encourages participation from all congregational members. Congregational members are encouraged to follow along in the passage reading. 

By bringing their Bibles to church, older members are setting an example for their children to also bring their Bibles to church. It’s also helpful to mark notes as you follow along in the sermon. 

The Bible Is Considered the Inerrant Word of God

Lastly, it’s important to know that Bible-centered churches believe that the Bible is inerrant, which means there are no errors that exist in the Bible. 

This church also believes that the Bible is inspired by God, therefore nothing it cannot contain errors. God inspired the Bible and it only contains truth. 

The view of the Old and New Testament is that they align with one another. This means that would is said in old Biblical stories aligns with what happened in the New Testament. 

The Bible being inerrant also means that what it says and how it has been preserved through ages has stayed the same. Although there are different versions of the Bible, it’s argued that the main message of the Gospel stays the same. 

It’s important to note that the main version that Bible-focused churches use in Churches. It’s one of first translations of the Bible, which is why many believe it to be 100% accurate and true.

The King James Version of the Bible was published in 1611 in England and continues to be used in many churches, especially Bible-centered churches 

A Bible Based Church Is a Fundamental Part of Christianity

It can be difficult to find a Bible-believing church. With fewer people attending church or attending a mega-church with a strong focus on music or something other than the Bible, it can be harder to find a church focused on core Christian beliefs. 

A Bible based church reaffirms your belief in God and what you know to be true in the Bible. They help grow your knowledge of the Bible. They acknowledge its truth and help you understand specific verses to strengthen your belief. 

To find more information on Bible-believing churches and how they can help you understand the Bible, keep browsing the rest of our website.

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